Cover Story

True diversity in the workplace

WRITER: Carole Lydon

Issue 6

Anne Gale is the South Australian Equal Opportunity Commissioner. In April, Anne co-hosted a panel event on workplace diversity with the Centre for Human Resource Management.

Jane Kittel is General Manager Customer Experience and Contacts Centres for Westpac. She is also a graduate of the UniSA Business School.

Professor Marie Wilson is the Pro Vice Chancellor (Business and Law) at the UniSA Business School. Her specialty areas in research, teaching and practice are the management of performance, with a focus on professionals and knowledge work.

Professor Cheri Ostroff is a Chair in Management at the UniSA Business School. Her research interests include diversity, organisational culture and climate, and human resource management systems.

Professor Ying Zhu is Director of the Australian Centre for Asian Business and a Professor at the UniSA Business School. His forthcoming book,Managing Chinese Outward Foreign Direct Investment: From Entry Strategy to Sustainable Development in Australia, co-authored with Charlie Huang, will be published by Palgrave Macmillan (London and New York).