Renewables, Affordability and Reliability: What is the Future of Energy in Australia?

The affordability and reliability of Australia’s energy supply has become a dominating topic in politics, business and even at home barbeques. Rising retail and wholesale electricity prices; blackouts; load shedding; power plant closures; policy uncertainty and industry disruption have driven this national discourse.

The University of South Australia Business School, SA Power Networks and the Australasian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society joined forces to deliver a symposium which was held 6 February 2018 at the Adelaide Convention Centre, in order to candidly discuss issues, solutions and opportunities. The forum was specifically designed for industry, policy makers and academics working in energy, and participants heard from leading international and national experts.

The presentations have been made available by the speakers and can be downloaded below:

The full program can be downloaded here.



 Financial Development and Financial Inclusion Workshop


The Official Program can be found here:


CFA Ethics Seminar

The School of Commerce held an information session and CFA ethics seminar that was suitable for final year students.

Dr Kartick Gupta addressed ethics and professional standards, the CFA program and the scholarships that were offered by the CFA Institute. There were no assessment or cost for this seminar and it was a good opportunity to meet Dr Gupta and ask questions.

Details of the seminar are as follows:

    Venue: WL2-48, City West Campus

    Date: Thursday 16 November 2017

    Time: 10:30am-1:30pm

For further information please contact kartick.gupta@unisa.edu.au

Kind regards


Higher Degree Economics Student Research in International Development, Health and Environment

The School of Commerce hosted a half-day research symposium to feature the innovative and high quality applied economics research that graduate students from the University of South Australia and University of Adelaide were doing. The focus was on PhD students working on international development, health and environmental economics topics. The presenters presented their work and allowed enough time to receive valuable inputs from our academic and non-academic attendees.


19th of October 2017


10:30am – 1:30pm


WL2-47 (Level 2, Room 47, Way Lee Building) City West   [campus map]

Lunch was provided at 12:00pm

Please find below the seminar presenters and the titles of their projects:

  • 10.30am - Admasu Asfaw Maruta: PhD Student, University of South Australia

Title: Sectorial Aid, Institutional Quality, and Growth

  • 11.00am - Clifford Afoakwah: PhD Student, University of South Australia

Title: Opportunity Cost and Post-primary Schooling in Ghana: A Gender Perspective

  • 11.30am - John Kandulu: PhD Student, University of Adelaide

Title:  The inadvertent effect of microfinance on girls’ household education investment

  • 12.30pm - Claire Settre: PhD Candidate, University of Adelaide, Global Food and Resource Studies

Title:  Strategic opportunity for water management working in carbon and water markets

  • 1.00pm - Christine Mpundu-Kaambwa: PhD Student, University of South Australia

Title: Quality of life measures for adolescents:  Does study population and proxy-assessment have an effect on the latent constructs?


Further Details Can Be Found Here


How to use Eye Tracking in Experimental Research Workshop

Eye tracking is an effective tool to conduct cognitive based research required to facilitate specific experiments. It provides behavioural data collection and analysis framework to experimental Economics, Finance and Accounting research, and other areas such as Marketing. Using eye-tracking technology to measure eye movements, pupil dilation and point of gaze, we will be able to improve decision-making among analysts, investors, consumers and patients.

This facility will help us in the business school engage in wider range of multi-disciplinary research with a significant impact, which is aligned with UniSA Research and Innovation Strategic Plan.

The workshop ran by Tobii regional representative, Objective Eye Tracking in two days. In day one, eye tracking technology was introduced and related methods, scripts and outputs were reviewed. In day two, the focus was on hands-on training and running tests using case studies.

I4C Research Visit

On the 4th and 5th of  September, four I4C researchers visited The School of Commerce to help build research collaboration and provide an opportunity to identify ways in which their research can be supported.

The group from I4C researchers comprised of:

  • Dr Habtamu Tilahun Kassahun, Postdoctoral Research Fellow
  • Dr Flavio Freire Souza, Postdoctoral Research Fellow
  • Dr Aiste Ruseckaite, Postdoctoral Research Fellow
  • Dr Rachel Milte, Research Fellow


SIBER & ACAB 2017 Activity

Professor Susan Freeman

PwC Information Session

On the 25th of July 2017, Professor Susan Freeman presented on "Why is networking important in International Market Entry, Growth and Expansion?". Professor Freeman as invited as the Special Session Presenter, by the South Australian Government Trade Mission to Europe (September 2017) Information Session to industry, hosted by PwC, Adelaide.

External Review of the Department of International Business and Asian Studies - Griffith University

On the 3rd-6th of July, Professor Susan Freeman Chaired the External Review of the Department of International Business and Asian Stduies, at Griffith University, Brisbane. Professor Freeman was invited as the Chair of the external panel member for the 5 year full review of the Department. Professor Freeman and her panel are currently finalising their report which was presente