Creating Dynamic Economies

Dynamic economies are in a constant state of evolution and the same must apply to those who monitor, analyse and interpret the complex world of global business and provide the advice and information that will help stimulate further growth.

At UniSA we think in terms of real-world issues rather than academic disciplines and believe it is our role to help solve problems and support innovation. We understand how economic development both affects and is affected by social, environmental and cultural perspectives.

Our own evolution has seen the creation of two distinct but complementary and collaborative research centres that address themes as diverse as transforming industries, allocating scare resources, and catering for the needs of an ageing population at both a practical and a policy level.

The Centre for Applied Finance and Economics has particular strengths in trade, market efficiency and monetary policy. The Centre for Sustainable Governance is a recognised leader in water governance and policy, and a forerunner in such emerging areas as environmental finance and sustainability accounting.

Our researchers
in action

Dr Tony Cavoli

Dr Tony Cavoli

Tony Cavoli keeps a watching brief on Asia’s evolving economies, monitoring and analysing the interplay between market forces and regulatory intervention and the impact this has on economic growth and economic integration. His aim is to help policy makers develop approaches and interventions that will maximise their country’s specific economic objectives.


Associate Professor Sumit Lodhia

Is a greater corporate focus on sustainability actually helping create a more sustainable society? Associate Professor Sumit Lodhia is leading research examining what informs and motivates decision-making, management and reporting around key environmental and social issues and whether this is evolving in a way that will make a difference to people’s lives.


Professor Susan Freeman

The continuing growth of small to medium-size enterprises in emerging economies has changed the face of international business in the post-GFC world. Professor Susan Freeman is at the forefront of research analysing how this new entrepreneurship is affecting global dynamics and the lessons for western businesses looking to work with and learn from the new players.


Associate Professor Vikash Ramiah

Associate Professor Vikash Ramiah is a global pioneer in the new field of environmental finance, which is changing the way we assess the cost, benefits and impact of environmental policy. At its heart is a recognition that the stock market gives a fast and reliable assessment of how effective policies will be.


Dr Bethany Cooper

In today’s world, water is a scarce commodity with an economic value and deciding how to use it can involve a complex process of trade-offs. Dr Bethany Cooper’s research is helping water utilities understand consumer attitudes, expectations and willingness to pay so they can plan more effectively for future needs.


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