What is the Business Internship Program?

The Business Internship Program is an initiative of the UniSA Business School which ensures that all business students are given the opportunity to attain workplace experience during their studies. The Business Internships team oversees student placements which are undertaken within course work as well as working with course coordinators to ensure programs have good industry links and authentic assessment items to enhance student employability.


What placement opportunities are available?

Undergraduate students have multiple options based on the number of electives available in their program as well as the program that they are studying.

Postgraduate students may enrol in BUSS 5396 (Professional Experience in Business) as a 4.5 unit elective if they have sufficient space in their program.


What are the eligibility requirements?

Undergraduate students must have a GPA of 4.0 or more and have completed a minimum of 72 units prior to commencing their placement.

Postgraduate students must have a GPA of 4.0 or more and have completed a minimum of 18 units prior to commencing their placement.

You do not need to meet these requirements in order to submit your Expression of Interest, students are highly encouraged to plan ahead and ideally submit these as early as possible to assist the Business Internships team with sourcing placements.


How do I apply for placement?

Students apply for placements by first completing an expression of interest via InPlace, if you need help navigating the InPlace system please refer to the student user guide.


Am I insured whilst undertaking a placement?

Yes. University of South Australia provides Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Personal Accident students for all students undertaking a placement as part of their course work.

Students who locate their own placement and do not enrol in a course of study are NOT covered by the University’s insurance.


How do I enrol in a placement?

  1. Complete the online Expression of Interest via InPlace.
  2. Once approved for enrolment, students apply for an override to be accepted.
  3. Once the override is approved, complete enrolment as directed.


What sort of work can I do?

You will work with your organisation to design a project, series of mini projects or undertake an experience which allows you to apply your discipline theory to work that you may perform once you graduate.


If I cannot attend due to illness what do I do?

You are required to complete the listed number of hours for the course that you have enrolled in. If you cannot attend due to illness you are expected to contact your organisation supervisor, advise them of your absence and negotiate a day to catch up the missed work. You are also expected to notify your academic mentor of this change.


What are the benefits of undertaking a placement?

Placements give students the opportunity to:

  • Link theories learnt to real world business environment
  • Develop professional skills under the guidance of a host supervisor and an academic mentor
  • Build industry networks
  • Gain confidence in working with a diverse group of people in varying levels of seniority
  • Gain valuable experience to put you ahead of others when applying for positions after graduation

If I want more information who do I talk to?

The Business Internships office is located in Y1-60 (City West Campus), so feel free to drop in or email us for an appointment: business.internships@unisa.edu.au.