Changes in the global business landscape mean that organisations must be able to attract, retain and develop productive employees in a sophisticated manner.

Effective human resource management practice requires expertise in the operation and management of business. Designed and taught by experts actively involved in industry collaborative research, our programs provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the broader business environment, as well as the advanced knowledge and skills required for professional practice as a human resource management specialist and leader.

Drawing on international research and professional experience both locally and abroad means our postgraduate human resource management programs are practical and relevant, enabling you to succeed within this dynamic field.

Take your human resource management career to the next level.

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Ania Gorska

Project Manager, SA Health, Government of South Australia
Master of Management (Human Resource Management)

“The Master of Management (Human Resource Management) has assisted my self-development and awareness leading to enhanced self-confidence and self-esteem, helping me to stretch my own personal and professional horizons.

The courses provided me with transferable skills and knowledge required to fulfil my various roles over the last few years. The courses link together and as you undertake more subjects the pieces all fall into place.

I have also participated in the Executive Partner Programme as a Mentee, which has allowed me to engage with highly successful former Chief Executive, to discuss a range of employment matters. I know I can reach out to him in the future when I need professional advice.

The quality of teaching staff is high and lecturers have experience in the field, not just the academic knowledge. They are engaging and supportive by providing detailed feedback and developing useful online resources and recordings.”