Our postgraduate marketing programs allow you to bridge the gap between marketing theory and its application, building a solid foundation of business knowledge and providing a full understanding of how each component of marketing strategy fits within broader organisational operation and direction.

You will learn how to devise successful marketing strategies and develop effective marketing plans both in the traditional and digital environment, understand how consumers behave and how advertising works, how to use market analysis tools, and manage brands.

With access to the latest cutting-edge research in marketing, you will understand exciting developments across new and traditional media with courses taught by renowned researchers from the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, the world’s largest centre for research into marketing. Advising the world’s biggest brands – including Coca-Cola, Mars, Unilever and many others, our teaching staff are renowned experts in marketing.

You will become a specialist in marketing, applying and testing theoretical knowledge in a workplace context. We enable you to graduate with the skills and knowledge required to make smarter marketing decisions, to grow brands, gain market share, increase sales and support decision-making and strategic development at senior levels.

Take your marketing career to the next level.

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Jayne Flaherty

Jayne Flaherty

Head of Communications, BankSA
Master of Marketing

Jayne was looking to augment her communications expertise by adding Master of Marketing to her postgraduate qualifications.

“It’s important for public relations practitioners to be convergent in both marketing and communications. The UniSA Masters has just the right ratio of theoretical learning and practical experience. It was exactly what I was looking for.”

"I had to manage considerable work travel and commitments. Flexibility in delivery and timing were both important components for me and were the primary reasons I chose UniSA Business School."

“I found the faculty very accommodating and supportive of my work pressures. And the online study mode is a valuable way to manage everything.”

Committed to lifelong education, Jayne was able to apply key learnings to her work immediately.

“New knowledge around the components of successful advertising have been most beneficial to me, and have saved the organisations I have worked for a lot of money.”