As supply chains lengthen and globalised business broadens, skilled leaders with specialist skills are in high demand industry-wide.

Integrated supply chain management involves linking strategies and operations between organisations, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and customers across international borders.

Developed in conjunction with government and industry, our postgraduate supply chain management programs bring together modern management methods and technology, allowing you to explore networks and processes, and understand global benchmarks in industry. 

Our supply chain management programs will immerse you in real-world challenges and provide you with a range of opportunities to strengthen your networks through industry placements, study tours abroad and elective courses, to suit your individual professional development needs.

Take your career to the next level in supply chain management.

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Monamee Ishika

Master of Management (Supply Chain Management)

“I knew of the Business School’s high ranking and the Master of Integrated Supply Chain Management program was ideal for the type of career opportunities I was interested in.

The curriculum has not only given me the theoretical knowledge, but also enabled its practical application. The learning format included case studies, business scenario analysis and industry-based research which give me a real life understanding of supply chain management.

I’ve also been able to gain valuable insights and advice from experienced industry professionals through the Business Career Mentor Program. It has definitely assisted me with personal-development as well as professional skill building.”