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Completed research degree theses: 2016

In 2016, the following Business School candidates have successfully completed their research degrees in a range of discipline areas.

Masters by Research 

School of Marketing

Samantha Hogan
Are you keeping track of your light buyers? Understanding and measuring light buyer brand equity

Ava Jieshan
Investigating price elasticity for high-priced brands

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

School of Management

Jillian Gould
Trickle-down effect: the impact of senior women on organisational gender diversity

Sairah Hussain
Intellectual property appropriation strategy and its impact on innovation performance

Mohd Hazreel Mohd Hasmi
The effect of leisure participation on place attachment and community embeddedness in managing acculturative stress: the case of South Australian employed migrants

Yasmin Kamall Khan
Does intellectual capital matter for organisational innovation and firm performance in Australian small and medium enterprises?

Mohsen Varsei
Sustainable supply chain management: an integrated model for optimising supply chain network design

School of Marketing

Sandra Davison
Developing, delivering and evaluating a psychology based informational intervention for reducing food waste in households

Arry Tanusondjaja
Does size matter? Assessing brand portfolio size and its relationship with penetration and sales

Nicole Hartnett
Advertisements that sell

Business Services

Chi-Man Young
Building citizen trust in the police: the Hong Kong context

Yee Leong
Fitting in: personal-professional-organisational transition

Zarina Ismail
An insight into psychological empowerment: the grassroots experience

Nehal Medh
The emergence of dynamic capabilities in professional service firms: a qualitative study of the marketing research industry

Ka So
The influence of information technology, communication and relationship factors on positive word-of-mouth in relationship marketing

Completed research degree theses: 2015

In 2015, the following Business School candidates have successfully completed their research degrees in a range of discipline areas.

Masters by Research

School of Management

Kateryna Kalysh
Are family friendly practices good for women's advancement? The relationship between family friendly practices and women in management

School of Marketing

Amy Wilson
Can nudging principles encourage behaviours associated with obesity prevention

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

School of Management

Ying Guo
Developing effective networks by embedding the local social and cultural norms: a study of Western expatriates' relationship building in China

Ashokkumar Manoharan
Does ethnic diversity matter in Australian hotels? Understanding the relationship between organisational culture, diversity management and organisational effectiveness

Beni Halvorsen
Factors that affect employee retention: a job embeddedness account of migrant turnover intentions and job search activities

Margaret Harris
Innovation, collaboration and physiotherapy clinics

Craig Lee
Innovation, entrepreneurship, and business performance: a mixed methods study of the Australian restaurant sector

Ahmad Esa Abdul Rahman
Malaysian culinary culture: foreign ethnic food consumption and the alteration of the dominant culture's cuisine

Karen Grogan
Workplace bullying and manager responses in a public sector environment

Hailian Gao
Examining the influence of face on Chinese group tourists' gift purchase behaviour and the moderating role of the gift giver-receiver relationship

Jenny Dumont
Green human resource management and employe workplace outcomes

School of Marketing

Michael Vogelpoel
A marketing perspective on regional natural resources management

Abou Bakar
A symbolic interactionist approach to consumer behaviour

William Page
Shopping...with children: investigating in-store shopping behaviour of adults accompanied by children

Flavio Friere Souza
Goal-based choice set formation

Ana Mocanu
The prototypicality of consumer packaged goods: an atomistic versus holistic assessment of packaging design

School of Commerce

Katherine Christ
Environmental management accounting as a medium for improved water management in the Australian wine industry: an empirical analysis

Yang Hou
Pricing dynamics, informational efficiency and hedging performance of CSI 300 index futures market

Mamun Ul Ala
The potential impact of trips on the pharmaceutical industry in Bangladesh: towards an industrial policy to promote a national system of innovation through enhanced collaboration

Sanjaya Kuruppu
The accountability trap: understanding meaning, practice and stakeholder salience in an NGO

Mohd Haniff Zainuldin
Earnings management in financial institutions: a comparative study of Islamic banks and conventional banks in emerging markets

Business Services

Kam Chan
A study of influences on strategic investment decision effectiveness

Karuna Ramanathan
Enabling intuitive tacit knowledge transfer through leadership development in a hierarchical organisation

Bing Chan
Network knowledge resource: an empirical study of competitive advantage and performance of service organizations

Kwok Chan
Strategic adaptability (strategic entrepreneurship) of family businesses: an analysis of successful family businesses listed in Hong Kong

Understanding determinants of knowledge-receiving behaviour

Siu Yu
Determinants of customer loyalty: an emprirical investigation of relational benefits in the context of customer clubs

Beng Oh
Newcomers' turnover intentions prior to starting their first job


Completed research degree theses: 2014

In 2014, the following Business School candidates have successfully completed their research degrees in a range of discipline areas.

Masters by Research

School of Marketing

Malgorzata Ludwichowska-Alluigi
Can we fix the errors in self-reported buying frequencies?

Oanh Truong
Do consumer behaviour empirical generalisations hold in emerging markets?

Therese Sjostrom
Are luxury/premium products different? Do they share attributes and purchase patterns with non-luxury/non-premium products?

Zachary Anesbury
How online shoppers behave: describing and comparing patterns in online supermarket shopper behaviour

Kellie Newstead
Branding element variation: a consumer and industry examination

Julian Major
Drawing the spotlight? Examining the attention grabbing potential of distinctive assets

Steven Dunn
How do consumers respond to price changes? An examination of competitive context and prior purchase experience effects

Jessica Booth
Understanding buyer behaviour in the primary market for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art

Marietta Szabo
How do manufactures and retailers make decisions about price promotions?

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

School of Management

Sunil Savur
Globalisation and ethical decision-making in small and medium enterprises - an Australian study

Haiying Kang
International human resource management of South Korean MNEs in China

Hong Lee
The impact of internet sources on Australia's destination image for Korean package and independent tourists

Najmeh Hassanli
The practice of self-organization: an examination of the home-based accommodation sector in Iran

Xianrong Luo
Stereotypes of backpackers: examining the effect of host-backpacker contact

Binhua Huang
The transformation of HRM in the Chinese school system: impacts on teachers and students

School of Marketing

Jasha Bowe
How destination image and country visitation affects consumer perceptions and preference for a country's products

Christian Zippel
Management of retail channel partners by FMCG manufacturers

Ulrich Veyhl
The role and leadership of functional experts in cross-functional selling centres

School of Commerce

Chunfang Xu
An evaluation of stakeholder engagement methods in a complex forestry environment-agriculture water conflict - A case study of the Lower Limestone Coast water allocation plan in South Australia

Guodong Yuan
Corporate income tax aggressiveness in China: regulatory environment, ownership impact and market valuation

Amanpreet Kaur
Stakeholder engagement in sustainability accounting and reporting: a study of Australian local councils

Lynnette Daff
Accountants and their intra-organisational communication in the not-for-profit sector

Robert Whait
The conception and promulgation of co-operative compliance in Australian taxation policy: a historical study

International Graduate School of Business

Glenn Asano
Determining the effects of online reviews on brand trust and the drivers of customer equity

Selwyn Sundaram
Entry strategy for emerging markets in Asia: a conceptual framework

Philip Palmer
Improved accountability in Australian not-for-profit entities through enhanced financial reporting

Stephane Niango
Strategy, capability and enterprise modelling in emerging economies - a study in the UAE

Kim Lim
Towards a greater undertstanding of relationship selling

Sai Mak
Transformation of professional identity in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector in Hong Kong

Peter Yip
Investor perceptions of auditor independence in Hong Kong

Suyin Chew
Stakeholders and leadership of dance companies in Singapore

Satish Lele
Institutional influences on manufacturing best practices, strategic fit and competitiveness: a study of  the Indian automotive and engineering sectors

Yeoh Goh
Relating personal values to work engagement in Singapore

Yuen So
The voluntary disclosure of intellectual capital by Hong Kong companies: a descriptive and normative study

Wai Liang
The influence of online word-of-mouth on quality and final price perceptions as price acceptability changes, for an experience service

Completed research degree theses - 2013

In 2013, the following Business School candidates have successfully completed their research degrees in a range of discipline areas.

Masters by Research

School of Marketing

Meagan Wheeler
Are green brand buyers different? An examination of green brand buyer profiles and purchasing behaviour. 

Marianthi Livaditis
The formation of loyalty, how natural is it?

PhD (Doctor or Philosophy)

School of Management

Thi Do
Theatre in Vietnam in a time of change: from a centrally planned approach to a market driven model.

Eliza Hixson
Young people's event experiences: examining the influence of event attendance and participation in place attachment.

Rubina Ahmed
Development of a generation Y profile in a non-western context.

Alan O'Connor
Indigenous enterprises and entrepreneurship in remote Anangu communities.

Alan Reddrop
Family business engagement.

Peter Balan
Innovation capability in small service businesses.

School of Marketing

Virginia Beal
The effect of television promos on audience behaviour: new programs.

Giang Trinh
Modelling changes in buyer purchasing behaviour.

Haydn Northover
Assessing the value of neurophysiological measurement for advertising pre-testing. Are biometrics better?

School of Commerce

Anna Robak
Identifying and monetising the impacts of potable water supply infrastructure investments in New Zealand using stated and revealed preferences.

Dina Wahyuni
Carbon strategies and management practices: carbonvestment appraisal in the carbonomics era.

Xiangnan Meng
Empirical studies on China's banking industry, 1997 to 2010, profitability, income diversification and risks.

International Graduate School of Business

Tak Tsui
The development of an information and communications technology (ICT) - based supply chain and logistics management framework for Hong Kong-based manufacturing companies. 

Darren Peacock 
Complexity, conversation and innovation: new understandings of technolgy and change in organisations.

Yuk Ng
Mise-en-scene in the workplace: a photo-ethnographic study of employees' workplaces in the non-profit organizations.

Fenny Ang
"Do I trust you more if I think you are culturally-intelligent?"

Maqsood Memon
A framework of supply chain management practices for organizational  performance.

Pui Tam
Effect of organisational climate on organisational learning in hotel industry: an empirical study of hotels in Guangzhou, China.

Chu Ting Cheung
Adoption and use of collaborative technologies for project-based learning.

Chin Heng Low
A career stage perspective to employees' preferred psychological contract contributions and inducements: evidence from Singapore's public sector.

Unggul Purwohedi
The impact of performance evaluation on trust-building in multinational companies.

Arya Trivikraman
The effect of frequent product updates on propensity to change brand.

Ngan Lim
How are management controls designed and used to achieve the organisation's objectives?

Hiu Ying Ma
Towards an integrated model of counterfeit purchase: an investigation of counterfeit purchase among Hong Kong customers.

Chung Kong Khor
A phenomenological study of the lived experiences of the generation X and Y entrepreneur.

Sean Gallagher
An exploration of the impact of foreign education on the values and negotiation behaviour of Thai students.

Cheng Boon Koh
Leadership effectiveness: the interrelated roles of emotional intelligence, emotional self-awareness and structured self-reflection.

Bruce Bergstrom
Leveraging stakeholder engagement: reconfiguring new resources in the context of sustainable development.

Chiew Kwee Jon Tan
The development and validation of an agency theory scale for customer loyalty towards financial salespersons.

School of Law

Weiping He
What drives banking regulation in China? Harnessing the public-privide divide.

Colette Langos
Cyberbullying, associated harm and the criminal law.

Pinghui Xiao
China's food safety regulation: institutional diversity, fragmentation and efficacy.

Completed research degree theses - 2012

In 2012, the following Divisional candidates have successfully completed their research degrees in a range of discipline areas.

Masters by Research

School of Marketing

Katherine Anderson
The validity of online proprietary panels for social and marketing research

Cathy Nguyen
TV to talk about: investigating the content of word of mouth

Natasha Kapulski
First time brand trial in consumer goods markets

Stine Hoj
Metrics and measurement methods for the monitoring and evaluation of household food waste prevention interventions

Arry Tanusondjaja
Evaluating reach-maximising tactics on a fragmented television audience market

Bryony Jardine
Retaining the primetime TV audience: examining adjacent program audience duplication across markets

Xinwei Liao
The impact of packaging elements on consumers' unconscious emotions

School of Commerce

Dale Blackmore
Financial documents in small business: examining the influence of the business life- cycle

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

School of Commerce

Mimi Abdullah
Leland option pricing models and transaction costs: an empirical study

Adam Loch
Irrigator trade behaviour in southern Murray-Darling Basin water allocation markets

Shidi Dong
Towards green and sustainable mining: an investigation of sustainability reporting practice in China's mining and minerals industry

Joanne Tingey-Holyoak
Sustainable farm dam management pressures: farmers' strategic responses

Jin Chen
An institutional perspective on corporate environmental management accounting in China

Janine Pierce
Social sustainability of oyster farming communities on the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

Nathan Gray
International business negotiators of the Indonesian archipelago: identification of negotiation styles, strategies and behaviours

Rim El Kadi
Balancing and crossing trust bridges to sustainability: the case of the water sector reform in Lebonon

Fei Mo
Transmission of monetary policy and its effects on the stock market in China

Rafisah Mat Radzi
Rating the ratings: an evaluation of the operations of credit rating agencies in Malaysia

School of Management

Richard McGrath
Managing ambiguity: a grounded theory study exploring Australian local government provision of community recreation opportunities for people with impairments

Sandra Barker
Managing end-user computing activities in organisations: a multi case study investigation

Joseph O'Brien
The evolution of lawyers' ethics in the People's Republic of China

Hiroko Nomo
Creating a circle of trust: managing cultural interfaces in subsidiaries of Japanese multinational corporations operating in Australia

Abdul Rahim Zumrah
The influence of perceived organizational support on transfer of training and the consequences of transfer of training on service quality and job satisfaction: a Malaysian public sector context

Cynthia May
Women leading women in independent schools in South Australia

School of Marketing

Vipul Pare
An examination of buyer behaviour and market structures in a seafood auction context

Lara Stocchi
Exploring the link between consumer behaviour and brand associations

International Graduate School of Business

Tian Gao
The impact of the balanced scorecard on Chinese hopitals

The effect of the reliance on integrative strategic performance measurement (RISPM) on strategic outcomes

Dilip Pednekar
Technology scanning in high-tech SMEs

Arup Mazumdar
Impact of culture on the Indian insurance broker - a study on the cultural values that sustain a long term client-insurance broker relationship in India

Benjamin Leonard
Impact Technology acceptance within organizations: improving understanding of failing technology projects using social network analysis and the technology acceptance model

Ronald Chan
Motivations behind momentum investing in Asia: an integrated analysis using quantitative and qualitative methods

Yiu Wat
The adoption of knowledge management systesm: an organizational citizenship behaviour perspective

Astrid Thygesen
The procurement unit's involvement in services procurement: the case of Danish municipalities

Alex Kouznetsov
Country-specific factors in the entry strategy of small sized foreign manufacturing firms in emerging markets: Russian experience

Jung Hong
The influence of collectivism on customers' cross-buyng intentions: focusing on the banking services of Korea and Taiwan

Lai Yin Cheah
Why are some firms more successful than others in commercial adoption of technologies licensed from public research institutes in Singapore?

Completed research degree theses - 2011

In 2011, the following Divisional candidates have successfully completed their research degrees in a range of discipline areas.

Masters by Research

School of Marketing

Kate Newstead
Best-practice media scheduling: a real-world application

Samuel Wight
Brand awareness metrics: the underlying  awareness of brand users and non-users

Nicole Hartnett
Distinctive assets and advertising effectiveness

School of Commerce

Tuyet Dam
An investigation of the safety of small dams in Vietnam and responsibility for their management

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

School of Commerce

Susan Briggs
Personal characteristics and fraudulent bahaviour

Amanda Carter
A study of the choice of owner-accountants to practice in regional and remote areas

Manish Agarwal
The political economy of cross-border merger regulation

Don Clifton
Progressing a sustainable-world: a case study of the South Australian Government

John Medlin
From accounting student to practitioner: profiling personality and skills for the 21st century accounting profession   

Bernhard Lobmayr
Innovation and regulation in high-risk medical device markets

Virginie Gillet
The paradox of social sustainability in water allocation: multiple social values but no social objectives - an institutional change analysis of a South Australian water allocation plan

School of Management

Donald Falconer
A critical audit of the academic information systems field with particular reference to Australia

ABM Abdullah
The role of cultural context and psychological contract on workforce management in the multinational corporations operating in emerging markets

Krzysztof Krolikowski
Capturing the 'Liquid City': an theoretical and empirical inquiry into new urban tourism precincts

Alicia Stanway
An analysis of psychological contract, the five-factor model and loyal boosterism among full-time dancers in training in Australia

Juhaini Jabar
An empirical study of strategic technology alliances and the performance of Malaysian manufacturers

Suhana Mohezar Ali
Information Technology (IT) integration in supply chain operations: an empirical study of the Malaysian food industry

School of Marketing

Kerry Mundt
To what extent does cross category loyalty exist for brand extensions?

International Graduate School of Business

Po Lam
Understanding learner adoption behaviour in e-learning

Teck Cheong
A study of moderating and mediating factors influencing sales technology use on relationship quality and sales performance

Luk Tank
The viewpoint/safety first (V/SF) theory as a rival theory to myopic loss aversion to explain the equity premium puzzle

Chee Tan
Consumer risk framing of financial investments: a study on the roles of emotion, self-efficacy, servicescape and trust

Chek Yang
The moderating effects of knowledge management systems on IT service performance

Ree Ho
The impact of customer relationship management on the intention to adopt electronic commerce

Barbara Holzer
Expatriation and the role of international human resource management: a case study of a German multinational company in the automotive sector

Weng Thum
An inquiry into the consumer-enterprise dyad in subcultures of consumption: the luxury wristwatch community in Singapore

Wee Loh
A conceptual framework to determine the relationship between motives, supplier-customer relations and customer perceived value in service outsourcing

Rubintheran Pather
Does green lead to green? An exploratory study of influence of corporate environmental reputation in investor decision making

Chee Ong
Towards sustainable ISO 9000 quality management system maintenance: understanding the effects of human factors

Siow Teng
Government policy and critical success factors of small and medium-sized enterprises: an exploratory prediction model for Singapore

Wai Tang
Nonprofit organizations' survival through love, resources and capabilities activation: the integrated effects of organizational love climate, marketing culture & marketing strategy making on marketing effectiveness

Ren Tse Kay
The emotional energy availability model of goal commitment

Completed research degree theses - 2010

In 2010, the following Divisional candidates have successfully completed their research degrees in a range of discipline areas.

Masters by Research

School of Commerce

Mahmud Al Masum
Financial reporting governance and enforcement practices in a developing country: a case study of Bangladesh

School of Marketing

Michael Vogelpoel
The impact of data collection method on service quality and satisfaction scores

Richard Trembath
Brand salience and destination marketing

Melanie Ceber
Light TV viewers: who they are and how they can be reached

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

School of Commerce

Gerard Stone
Readability and understandability in written communications from CPA practioners to small business clients: power relationships, social action and personality typology influences

Susan Lambert
Progressing business model research towards mid-range theory building

Amanda Ball
Sustainability accounting and accountability in public sector organisations

Mahmud Masum
Investigating the implementation of management control in a central bank reform process

School of Management

Ezaz Ahmed
Cognitive and behavioural consequences of psychological contract breach in the workplace

James Smith
Assessing the relative importance of service quality and constraints in predicting loyalty within private health and fitness centres

Eva Cornelia Voigt
Understanding wellness tourism: an analysis of benefits sought, health-promoting behaviours and positive psychological well-being

Bianca Price
Questioning the halo: exploring the role of physical attractiveness for women in the staff-customer interface

Dianna Taylor
Improving the Australian aged care accreditation standards and assessment processes through contemporary systems thinking

Deborah Gaye Lewis
Strategic alignment: a purposeful perspective

Kym Thorne
Conjuring hegemony in cyberspace problematics: towards a public administration of (in)visible values

Yin Lu Ng
I like you because you hire people like me: effect of race composition of organisational representatives on job applicant responses

School of Marketing

Andre Beaujanot
An integrated approach for implementing relationship marketing in the wine industry

Magdalena Nenycz-Thiel
Understanding consumer knowledge about private labels. A study of brand perceptions and rejection

Jennifer Taylor
Is once really enough? measuring the advertising response function

Justin Cohen
Descriptive patterns in wine buying

International Graduate School of Business

John Knight
Overcoming practitioner resistance to health informatics systems in general practice medicine

Chi Lau
An assessment of feng shui impacts on high-rise residential property values in Hong Kong

Chun Ming Chan
Formal and informal communication: an organisational investigation

Kam Wing Chow
An exploratory study on major factors affecting the decision of Hong Kong service firms owners' choices between wholly owned subsidiary and joint venture entry mode for the China market

Rajaram Kumaran
Culture clash: teaching mainland Chinese students western based business education in Singapore

Yim Ming Regina Mui
A study on the pump-and-dump price behavior in the Hong Kong private placement market of seasoned stocks for the period 2001 to 2003

Cheok San Lam
Enhancing team and individual outcomes: the interrelated influences of managers' emotional intelligence and leadership style

Florence Jennings
The view from within: understanding medical officers adaption to hospital demands

Completed research degree theses - 2009

In 2009, the following Divisional candidates have successfully completed their research degrees in a range of discipline areas.

Masters by Research

School of Marketing

Emma Nichols
Measurement and Evaluation of the Effect of Advertising on Brand Positioning

Giang Tue Trinh
Do Project Variants Appeal to Different Segments of Buyers within a Category?

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

School of Commerce

Fahed Beneid
Solvency Regulation at Kuwait Insurance Market

Geoff Cyril Kuehne
The Influence of Values and Attitudes Towards Family, Land, Water, Community Lifestyle and Profit on Famers' Behaviour

Nurul Aini Aini Muhamed
Islamic Investment Principles and Practices with Special Emphasis on Contemporary Malaysia

Yuan George Shan
Corporate Disclosures of Related-Party Relationships and Transactions in China: Agency, Governance, Legitimacy and Signalling Influences

Achmad Shauki
Competition, Trade and Industrial Policy, and Rent-Seeking Behaviour: The case of Indonesia Manufacturing Industry 1987-1996

Ludwig Franz Martin Reinhard
The Influence of Tax and Economic Changes on Capital Structure Decisions - An Empirical Study

Zhifang Wu
Paying for Sustainable Natural Resources Management: The Role of Levies

Haslinda Yusoff
Motivation for Corporate Environmental Reporting Practices in Malaysia and Australia: Interpretation and Semiotics

School of Management

Graciela Beatriz Corral de Zubielqui
Innovation, Globalisation and Performance of SME's

Christina Hagger
The Impact of Tourism Experiences on Post Retirement Life Satisfaction

Rabih Hallak
Examining the Place Identity - Performance Relationship Among Tourism Entrepreneurs

Saraswati Sastrowardoyo
Strategic Knowledge Management: Managing Dynamic Knowledge and Small-Worlds Social Networks

School of Marketing

Svetlana Bogomolova
Customer-Based Brand Equity of Lost Customers

Fang Li
Understanding and Modelling Radio Audience Behaviour in Urban China

Karen Rhonda Nelson-Field
Different? Or Much of the Same? A Descriptive Study of the Demographic and Product Usage Profiles of Media Audiences, with Implications for Targeting Strategy

International Graduate School of Business

Pui Man Melody Chong
The Effects of Perceived Downward Influence Tactics on Organisational Commitment

Ngan Lin Crawshaw
An Organisational Analysis of Perceptions of Social Work Roles by Managers and Social Workers of Voluntary Welfare Organisations Serving People with Disabilities in Singapore

Carol Patricia Davy
Primary Health Care: Knowledge Development and Application in Papua New Guinea

Wolfgang Gobler
The Alignment of Knowledge Strategy and Business Strategy: A Field Study of Authorised Deposit-Taking Institutions in the Australian Financial Services Industry

Chi Man Leung
The Impact of National Culture on TQM Implementation in the Subsidiaries of a Finnish Company in Hong Kong and Taiwan

Wing Wai Alice Mak
The Role of Social Presence in Online Interactive Learning in Hong Kong

Bernardus Johannes Leonardus Van den Anker
Expatriate Perceptions of the Role of Host Country Nationals in the Expatriate Adjustment Process

Lei Xu
An Examination of the Idiosyncratic Volatility in Hong Kong Stock Market

Rong Yu
The Factors Influencing Chinese Managers' Turnover

Wai Kay Yuen
Bridging the Theory-Practice Gap: A Case Study of the Professional Property Management Education in Hong Kong

Completed research degree theses - 2008

In 2008, the following Divisional candidates have successfully completed their research degrees in a range of discipline areas.

Masters by Research

School of Marketing

Peter James Hammer
Exploring  the impact of clutter on advertising effectiveness across broadcast media

Rubina Huang
Segmentation for private label and manufacturer brands in consumer packaged goods markets

Vipul Pare
An investigation into deviations from double jeopardy

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

School of Commerce

Mohammad Istiaq Azim
Board, shareholder and auditor monitoring and its substitution or complementary nature: effects on the performance of Australian listed companies

Thanh Tung Dao
The policy and practice of corporate governance in Vietnam's 'equitised' companies

Sang Hoon Kang
Empirical analyses of long memory in the Korean stock market

Ganesh Keremane
Urban wastewater reuse for agriculture: governance paradigms and institutional arrangements in Australia and India

Irnanda Laksanawan
Design and implementation of privatisation in Indonesia

John Spoehr
Losing power: the struggle for control of South Australia's electricity industry

School of Management

Danielle Barlow
Withdrawal of labour: perception of self and others, multi-item behavioural constructs and low morale

Ashok Dwijendra Chanda
HRM strategic integration and its relative effects on organizational performance

Sanjeewa Samanmali Perera
Firewalling emotion: exploring how hospitality employees gain competence in emotion work (a grounded theory study)

Louise Reynolds
Beyond the frontline: an interpretative ethnography of  an ambulance service

Lindsay Ryan
The strategic management of university-corporate education partnerships: an exploratory study

MD Majharul Talukder
Organizational innovation adoption: the determinants of the adoption of innovation by individuals within an organization

School of Marketing

Melissa Banelis
Understanding consumers' repertoire sizes

Nicholas John Danenburg
Testing the advertising intensiveness law in budgeting

International Graduate School of Business

Marcus Belder
Relational market based assets (of a firm) and their role in innovation adoption

David Andrew Bruce
How entrepreneurs influence management accounting system emergence and evolution: the role of cognitive style

Natasha Caulfield
Why do self-initiated expatriates choose to repatriate? an examination of skilled South Australians

Kui Sing Chan
Performance contracting in hospital facilities management context

Wen Shin Chen
Managing mobile communications technology: organisational strategy in the institutional context

Ting Pong Vincent Cheng
The development of a strategic decision making model of Chinese managers on organizational performance in small and medium enterprises

Chi Kong Fung
Commitment in an organization undergoing rapid change: a case study of CLP Power Hong Kong Limited

Nalaka Harshijeeva Godahewa
Market orientation and the performance of Sri Lankan apparel manufacturers in the post MFA environment

Hon Yin Lee
Building maintenance in the sports and leisure facilities, Hong Kong

Mei Lim
Regulation is the key: explaining the lack of adoption of full cost accounting in solid waste management in Malaysia

Man U Lo
A comparative study of tourist behavior in pleasure travel: group package tour and free independent tour

Lan Phi Nugyen
Absorptive capacity, foreign direct investment and economic growth in Vietnam

William Nikolakis
Determinants of success among indigenous enterprise in the Northern Territory of Australia

Koon Keung Teddy So
The e-learning readiness of teachers in Hong Kong

Basil Phillip Tucker
The relationship between management control systems and strategy in not-for-profit organisations

Wai Wan
Cultural influence on work motivation of Chinese academics in Hong Kong

Tai Ming Wut
Family system and incumbent roles in family decision making: perspectives from resource theory and social learning theory

Completed research degree theses - 2007

In 2007, the following Divisional candidates have successfully completed their research degrees in a range of discipline areas.

Masters by Research

School of Marketing

Elise Madeleine Gaillard
How brand distinctiveness is communicated, from a consumer's perspective

Travis Christopher Murphy
Buying across price tiers in the Australian wine market 

International Graduate School of Business

Stephen Grao
A case study of multi venturing as corporate strategy for the emerging market of China. The Thorn Lighting Group PLC experience 

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

School of Commerce

Reina Ichii
Performance indicators for gender responsive budgeting: a case study of Australian childcare programs 

Zakir  Machmud
Identifying the cartel practices of trade associations: a time series analysis of the Indonesian cement industry

Gayathri (Gee) Wijesinghe
How may I serve you? Women receptionists' lived experience in the hospitality industry

Shane Zhang
Airline mergers and market power: evidence from China's airline markets 

Zhi Alec Zuo
Foreign direct investment in China: locational choices and backward linkages

School of Management

Richard David Castle
The evaluation of the role of inquisitiveness as a characteristic of leaders in manufacturing management

Yen-Hao Howard Chen
Developing an agile management framework based on the theory of constraints 

Colin East
Information systems flexibility using the concept of space: a local government case study 

Michael Gosling
Measuring emotional intelligence of managers in Singapore and the application of emotional intelligence for individual and organisation effectiveness. An exploratory study 

Michael Gross
A conceptualisation of lifestyle tourism

Chris Martin
Implementation of a quality assurance program in an Australian manufacturing company: enhancing the Rogers' model 

Alison Wyse
Executive leadership roles and associated skills: an Australian public sector perspective

School of Marketing

Cullen Habel
Formalising double jeopardy and deconstructing dynamics in repeat purchase markets 

John Wilkinson
Effects of sales management leadership support on business-to-business salesperson performance 

Damien Wilson
Generating retrospective panel data on the patterns of repeat behaviour 

International Graduate School of Business

Kit Weng Chan
A study of marketing channels for foreign-investment enterprises in China

Ching Ping Patty Farh
Managing diversity and conflict in information technology project teams in China 

Peter Ifandoudas
Developing an agile management framework based on the theory of constraints 

Siew Bee Jennifer Koh
Management accounting practices in Singapore 

Tieh Koh
Estimating the synergy value in mergers and acquisitions: a preliminary model and its relevance for the chemical industry 

Theresa Liong
Explaining success in Indonesia: the case of PT Martina Berto 

Abraham K. Thomas
Identifying the parameters of corporate reputation for the hospital industry in Singapore 

Siu Hong Yau
A research investigation into factors contributing to the success or failure in the implementation of e-business information systems 

Completed research degree theses - 2006

In 2006, the following Divisional candidates have successfully completed their research degrees in a range of discipline areas.

Masters by Research

School of Management

Nurhayati Abdul Malek
Vandalism and safety issues in an urban park: a Malaysian experience

School of Marketing

John Kweh
A comparison of the Bass and NBD models in modelling uptake curves

Sam Paech
Understanding media planning practice

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

School of Commerce

Diwakara Halanaik
Institutional regimes for sustainable groundwater management in India and Australia: implications for water policies.

Anna Hurlimann
An exploration of community attitudes to recycled water use - an urban Australian case study

Sarah Wheeler
The adoption and diffusion of organic agriculture: economics, drivers and constraints

School of Management

Saadia Carapiet
The role of self-organisation in the handling of adaptive challenges by enterprise

Carmen Joham
Self-organisation: a comprehension of C&IT policy formulation. Un estudio de Venezuela A traves de un lente explicito

Evdokia Kalaitzidis
Professional ethics for professional nursing

Joseph Magliaro
Evaluating a comprehensive employee assistance program in the SA Ambulance Service

Emily Pollack
Triggers that influence middle manager actions during major organisational change

Helen Mary Smith
Managing successful privatisation

School of Marketing

Carl Driesener
Empirical generalisations in the parameter values of the dirichlet: an examination across 50 categories

Wade Jarvis
An analysis of variation in attribute level loyalty using polarisation

Gerard King
A critical realist approach to the relationship between customer satisfaction, its attributes and profitability

International Graduate School of Business

Ser Beng (Alan) Ang
Service quality in higher education

Josephine Caust
Leadership and creativity: some aspects of this relationship in arts organisations in Adelaide

Tzu Hui Chen
The relationship between learning organisation and the balanced scorecard: empirical evidences

Chin Chia
Cross-cultural implications of Singaporean Chinese managers in western multinational corporations

Sharon Eng
Toward a definition and development of NGO organisational effectiveness in Indonesia: an unfolding journey

Arkav Juliandri
The impact of service quality guarantees on customer relationships in Singapore's mobile telecommunication market

Tjandra Kartika
Asset pricing models in Indonesia

Daisy Mui Hung Kee
A study of the relationships among perceived fairness of compensation and performance management practices in the Australian banking industry

Hok Yang Lai
Developing the disadvantaged Chinese managers: a case study

Chun Mo Lam
The investment performance of Hong Kong real estate and property stocks

Anna Lau
Implications of guanxi for international joint venture negotiations in China - elaboration likelihood model

Ho Keat Leng
A study of employee turnover behaviour in the retail industry

Ping Li
The impact of adopting electronic data interchange on small and medium enterprise performance: a preliminary model of EDI adoption process in Singapore

Dennis List
Scenario network mapping: the development of a methodology for social inquiry

Yenlin Loh
The influence of Chinese culture on Chinese women managing their family owned business - an exploratory study

Kwong Wing Colin Luk
A study of an implemented ISO 9000 quality management system with particular reference to a small to medium size Hong Kong construction enterprises

Lena Ng
Exploring management control systems using the resource-based view: a case study of the balanced scorecard

Man Shing So
An empirical examination of conditional effect on cross-sectional returns: evidence of Pacific-basin markets

May Li Wee
The impact of information technology during the restructuring of a premier public hospital - a case study of a Singapore General Hospital (SGH)

Kwok Tung Thomas Wong
Strategies for sustainability in Hong Kong's construction industry

Chong Yeung
A study of factors affecting effective brand alliance

Joseph C.K. Yeung
Job stress, job control, pay schemes and organisational outcomes: a study of workers in China

Completed research degree theses - 2005

In 2005, the following Divisional candidates have successfully completed their research degrees in a range of discipline areas.

Masters by Research

School of Marketing

Svetlana Bogomolova

Do service quality scores follow predictable patterns? Brand attitude vs. brand salience: Empirical test of the two competing theories and their influence on buyer behaviour

School of Management

Edward Evans
Australian adults with acquired brain injury: from rehabilitation services to community recreation and leisure participation

Maureen Lynch
The design of journals used for reflection

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

School of Commerce

Worrawan Laohapolwatana
The impact of voluntary disclosures on sell-side analyst stock recommendations: Australian evidence

Ann Parker
Differential use of police discretionary powers: police and young offenders

School of Management

Antony Hookins
Developing a questioning model to define wicked problems

Chris Obi
The culture and human resource management implications of advanced manufacturing technology innovation: the case of Nigeria and New Zealand

Timothy Rogers
Creating practical knowledge for managing interprofessional health care teams: the promise of critical realism and the theory of action

Yu Chung Wang
Business-to-business integration in the Taiwanese information technology industry from a perspective of business network

John Wood
The qualities of successful chief executive officers

School of Marketing

Margaret Faulkner
Investigating whether advertising pre-test measures can identify effective fundraising direct mail materials

Kerry Mundt
Brand loyalty in subscription-markets: is it possible to out-perform competitors?

Sharyn Rundle-Thiele
Loyalty: an empirical exploration of theoretical structure in two service markets

Maxwell Winchester
The exploration of negative brand image attributes

International Graduate School of Business

Robert Bong
Intellectual capital as competitive advantage of firms within a socio-cultural context: an India case study

Michael Butterworth
Using mass idea brainstorming as an organisational approach to jumpstarting innovation initiatives

Julie De Roeper
Public stories, private lives: An inquiry into the role of stories in 'middle Australia'

Moon Ho
A knowledge-based approach to rapid business information systems development

Anna Jorgensen
Professionalism from within: participatory action research as a model for the development of self-regulation within a small professional group: the chiropractic association (Singapore)

Kwai Fu Ko
The contribution of a stroke unit to the outcome of stroke patients and the feasibility of setting up a stroke unit

Piak Nam Lee
Improving the quality and management of youth and community development organisations in Singapore

Shu-Yee Lee
The approaches taken by Hong Kong Chinese senior managers in evaluating the performance of workers

Pheng Oh
Improving the delivery of legal services  to business organisations by Singapore law firms: a quality management approach

Pock Ong
Competitive strategies development for marine electrical switchboard industry in China, Singapore and United Arab Emirates

Kum Hoong Or
An exploratory study of Singaporean Chinese workers' attitude towards the adoption of retirement planning

Albert Scott
Strategic planning for information systems within a virtual organisation - an exploratory study

Hok Heng Seah
A spirituality approach to organisation transformation

Kai-Uwe Seidenfuss
Country-of-assembly and country-of-components effects for hybrid products: an automotive perspective on ASEAN

Heng Chye Matthew Sim
Key entrepreneurial skills and their acquisition: an exploratory study of successful male Chinese founder entrepreneurs in Singapore

Lai Yin Tang
An investigation of accounting students' thinking styles - implications for improving accounting education

Susan Tregonning
From philanthropic to corporate: The hospital board within Australia - structure and functions within a changing economic environment

Chi-Hang Tse
Tradition and change in a multi-family owned food business in Hong Kong: the design and outcomes of an action learning workplace change management strategy in the traditional bakery department

Chi Wong
The influence of customer satisfaction and switching costs on customer retention: a survey of retail internet banking users in Hong Kong

Hung Kun (Ken) Wong
The development and evaluation of a 'clean and green' decision-support system for sustainable competitive advantage: a case study of wine packaging in South Australia

Yum Yin Wong
The impact of and responses to general duties in occupational health and safety legislation for the construction industry in Hong Kong - Legal pluralism in action

Douglas John Young
Maintaining marketing relationships: utilising a facilitative approach

Completed research degree theses - 2004

In 2004, the following Divisional candidates have successfully completed their research degrees in a range of discipline areas.

Masters by Research

School of Management

Allister Keller
Individual share futures: An examination of the efficiency of a new and illiquid market

School of Marketing

Jason Allsopp
Demystifying double jeopardy

Virginia Beal
Patterns in television viewing behaviour: what's changed since the 1980s?

Amelia Giannopoulos
The 'forms that world wide web advertisements' take

Damien Wilson
Marketing to analyse variation in wine consumption habits

Annabel Mansfield
How do tourism destinations compete? An application of the duplication of Purchase law.

Sally Stening
Generation X's perceptions of wine attributes.

Division of Business

John Warner
Leadership for regional economic development

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

School of Commerce

Jing Gao
Problem sketching: Rich pictures and perspectival thinking

School of Management

Luke Faulkner
Industrial relations in the Australian automotive industry during the accord.

Zafar Iqbal
An Islamic perspective on public finance

Jeong Kee Kim
Foreign Direct Investment by Third World Multinational Enterprise: The Case of Hyundai Motor Company

School of Marketing

Michael Beverland
A grounded model of organisational development and change: Evolution in the Australian and New Zealand wine industries

International Graduate School of Business

Guan Hoe Ang
The role of E-business for industrial multinational corporations as a tool for corporate strategy in the semiconductor industry

Mary Bambacas
The development of organisational commitment.

Benni Ben-Ari
Marketing Indicators and performance in the Defence Electronic Industry

Kwong Fai (Kelvin) Chan
The strategic decision making process of private enterprises in the People's Republic of China (PRC): Is there really a Chinese way?

Jeremy Cheng
An investigation into strategies affecting the long-term performance of Chinese chemical companies

Hoi Hee Chow
A study on the national competitiveness of India with reference to the passenger car industry based on the application of Michael Porter's model on national competitive advantage to the stage of Tamil Nadu

Ying Yin Chui
Examining the performance of community-based health service organisations in Hong Kong: An application of the multiple-constituency approach

Frederic Lau
The relation between stock market return and inflation in Hong Kong

Hung Yan Lau
Company partnerships as a medium for diffusing management controls: A study of U.S.-Sino equity joint ventures and Chinese state-owned enterprises in the manufacturing sector

Reuben Shaffer
The effect of personality and emotional intelligence on workplace performance: An investigation of Hong Kong managers.

Benjamin Tien
Evolving the concept of Team Learning Circle in developing managers through action learning: An action research study

Arthur Yeung
Business strategies of an overseas high-technology venture capital enterprise in China - A case study of cellular system market in transitional economy

Kwok Piu (Bill) Yeung
Job satisfaction of secondary school principals in Hong Kong

Completed research degree theses - 2003

In 2003, the following 24 Divisional candidates successfully completed their research degrees in a range of discipline areas. 

Masters by Research

School of Management

Poonlap Chantavongviriya  
Currency risk management: The case of Thai Baht after floating

School of Marketing

Carl Driesener 
Comparing and contrasting three brand image measures

Monica Tolo 
A case study concerning the application of 'prior knowledge': explaining retail brand performance

International Graduate School of Business

Lisa Philip-Harbutt 
Look out there's an artist in the business school doing research - a quest for appropriate methodology

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

School of Commerce

Davood Askarany
An investigation into the diffusion of cost and management accounting innovations

Alison (Rowena) Holloway 
Seeking confluence: A grounded theory explaining employee behaviour in the hospitality workplace.

David King 
The Internet as a Tool for Participation by Local Communities in Foreign Aid Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa

Marisa Maio MacKay 
Using Multiple Perspectives to Appreciate Demand for Innovation

School of Marketing

Erica Riebe 
Customer defection and acquisition and its relationship with market share change

Sandy Yuk Man Tse 
A Hedonic perspective in studying the visual effects of web page design for effective marketing

International Graduate School of Business

Wai Ming Chan 
Career anchors of Singaporean technopreneurs

Kum Whye Chong 
The Role of Pricing in Relationship Marketing: A Study of the Singapore Heavy Equipment Spare Parts Industry

Marilyn Clarke 
Taking voluntary redundancy: A retrospective study

Randall Donohue 
Public Relations for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)

Christine Heuring 
Change, teacher education and management in a Hong Kong university

Alice (Meredith) Hodgson 
Managing for survival in the South Australian non-government organisation/voluntary agency sector: maintaining the value base in human suervices under changed conditions of funding and control by government

Ayadurai Jothidas 
Knowledge Management in a transnational organisation in the context of new product development

Ka Wai Ivan Lai 
Extending action research as an operational method for the maintenance of a management information system: an exploratory field study in China

Shu Sing (Danny) Lo 
Privatisation and cultural Change: The airline industry in China

Kim Cheng Patrick Low 
Corporate culture and values: perceptions of corporate leaders of cooperatives in Singapore

Baudouin Neirynck 
Succession Planning for Middle Managers in US Subsidiaries in Hong Kong

Judith Phillips 
The influence of social support and pre-departure cross-cultural preparation on the three domains of cross-cultural adjustment of accompanying spouses on global assignments.

Choon Yin Sam 
Corporate Governance and public sector management in Singapore

Hock Wen Teo 
A balance model to discriminate information security in organizations in Singapore – a comparative study of multi-national corporations and small and medium enterprises

Completed research degree theses - 2002

In 2002, the following Divisional candidates successfully completed their research degrees, in a range of discipline areas.

Masters by Research

School of Marketing

Catherine Eddy
Industry benchmarking of service quality and satisfaction

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

School of Management

Anthony Moeller
Best Practices in Drinking Water Quality Regulation: Elements of An Australian Model

School of Marketing

R. Anne Sharp
Searching for boundary conditions for an empirical generalisation concerning the temporal stability of individuals' perceptual responses

International Graduate School of Business

Becky Chiu
The reform process in state-owned enterprises in China

Aik Hoon (Elizabeth) Chua
Attitudes towards outsourcing the human resources function in the electronic multi-national corporations in Singapore

Linley Hartmann
Job attribute preferences of early career business graduates

Kauko Ensio Karvinen
Developing and implementing a process of integrating internal and external customers and technology in the building components industry

Mei Hing (Pamela) Kwok
A study of adoption and switching behaviour - mobile phone service market in Hong Kong

Diongu Nihalsingha
The adoption of business management practices by state enterprises in Sri Lanka: An assessment of the progress using three case studies

Shuen Wai Nichols Pang
An investigation into the relevance of stock valuation models and their applications in the emerging markets: Hong Kong and Singapore experiences

Stella Hung Ha So
The effects of presentation format, information processing strategy and individual differences on financial decision making

Eng Khiam Tan
Transforming a Chinese family managed business: Creating a professionally managed public listed company

Kheok Juay Tan
The role of management philosophy in sustaining quality circle activities in Singapore

Kim Choo Mary Tan
Self Management in a knowledge based organisation: A case study in Singapore

Teck Khim (Stenson) Tan
The influence of Confucian values on HRM practices in Singapore-based firms

John Wallace
The Telstra Learning Management Development Team: an analysis of their learning styles and contribution to two ideal-type models of organisational theory

John Poh Nam Yam
Impact of geographic positioning of SME's market performance in the East Asia satellite earth station market: An exploratory study