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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Become an expert in your chosen field of research by studying a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) at the UniSA Business School. You'll be applying your unique perspective to the most important and challenging questions we are facing today and into the future. Mentored by a world-class research supervisor, you'll make a contribution to knowledge through independent research and learn advanced skills in analysis and debate, problem-solving and communication. 

With research strengths in marketing, business growth, human resource management, choice and behaviour modelling, and international business, the practical experience gained in a research degree from the UniSA Business School can take you into advanced practice in industry, leadership positions or a research career in industry, government or academia. 

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Azmiri Mian

Azmiri Mian

PhD Candidate: Centre for Human Resource Management

'There are many reasons as to why people decide to pursue a PhD. For some it might be a lifelong ambition, for others it could be a challenge of finding answers to real life problems. For me it was a combination of the two. I wanted my PhD to have relevance.

I chose the UniSA Business School because the Centre for Human Resource Management seemed like a good place to start. It offers a wealth of resources and support for PhD candidates, and has strong ties to industry which makes research not only important but relevant.

As a result, I have had access to some of the leading researchers and methodologists in Human Resource Management and Organisational Studies in the world, and an opportunity to travel.

I have so many options now. This experience has truly opened up more doors than I could ever imagined possible.'

I admit there were hurdles along the way, and doubts in my mind as to whether I could do this, but I have had insurmountable amount of support from dedicated leaders, academics, professional staff and my fellow PhD colleagues.