Meet the Team

Director - Ian O’Boyle

Ian O'BoyleIan is the Director of CERM PI and oversees its operational and strategic direction from both a commercial and research perspective. He works closely with high profile sport organisations at both the national and international level and has an international research profile in sport management with his work appearing in the leading journals in the field. His books Organisational Performance Management in Sport, Leadership in Sport, and Sport Governance: International Case Studies are heavily based on applied industry best practice and have informed emerging research and practice in the sport and leisure industry.

Academic Staff

Graham Brown

Graham Brownis a Professor of Tourism Management and widely acknowledged as an authority on many tourism and events related research areas. Research projects he has lead include those focussed on services marketing, corporate hospitality programs, event satisfaction and behavioural intentions, and event legacies. Graham has worked closely with organisations in both the sport and non-sport industries and his knowledge and expertise in these areas are an invaluable asset in the CERM PI team. 


Sarah Chua

Sarah Chuais a lecturer in the School of Management at the UniSA Business School.  Her research objectives are to have an impact and generate greater awareness about critical issues in management and society.




Rob Hallak

Rob Hallakleads our stream of tourism and hospitality research projects and is both an experienced industry practitioner and a leading academic in the tourism and hospitality field. In addition to senior marketing roles in the events industry, Rob also has extensive experience in the tourism and hospitality industry including over five years of experience in restaurant management and has also worked as a Sales and Solutions Consultant for Australia’s largest telecommunications company. His research focuses on entrepreneurship within the tourism and hospitality industry, destination marketing, and consumer behaviour in the restaurant industry.

Insun Sunny Lee

Insun Sunny Leeis an expert in the events and tourism domain. She has led projects focusing on a range of event management and visitor experiences from a local to an international level, and other research exploring the strategic use of events for community development, destination branding, and corporate marketing. Her work is published in internationally renowned journals including Tourism Management and Event Management. 



Duncan Murray

Duncan Murrayis recognised nationally in the leisure and sport management field for his work in consumer behaviour in sport and fitness settings. His research interests are in the areas of leisure/consumer behaviour, leadership, attractiveness in organisations, body image and constraints to fitness participation, sport celebrity endorsement, social capital and community well-being, generational theory, serious leisure and work-life balance and social media as an educational tool.  


Jamie Cleland

Jamie Clelandis the newest addition to our UniSA team having joined us from the UK in 2017 and is a highly regarded researcher relating to social issues in sport. His expertise is an invaluable part of the CERM PI team as we work with clients to examine the social and community benefits of facilities, and the effectiveness of policy in this space. Jamie has published two books in the sport sociology space and continues to solidify his profile as a leading international academic in this area.


Marianna Sigala

is a Professor of Tourism and joined the UniSA team in 2015. Marianna is an internationally renowned leader in the area of service operations management and information and communication technology applications in tourism and hospitality. Marianna is also currently the editor of the International Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Cases, and co-editor of both the Journal of Service Theory and the Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Management. Marianna has also served on the board of a number of tourism and hospitality associations.

Gary Howat

is one of the founding members of CERM PI and although now officially retired, as an Adjunct Associate Professor Gary is always on hand for advice and to offer suggestions on how to improve our projects from both an industry and research perspective. Much of the success of CERM PI can be directly attributed to Gary and he is a widely known and respected figure in industry for his ability to bridge the gap between theory and practice in service quality and operational management.

Professional Staff

Oliver Townson

Olly TownsonOliver is the Commercial Manager for CERM PI and is responsible for sourcing new projects as well as liaising with existing clients to refine and further develop current projects. He has a strong background in the sport industry having managed health and fitness centres for the past 9 years.




 Raylene Jones

Raylene Jonesis the senior project officer for CERM PI and is often the first point of contact for clients looking to connect with us. Raylene has over 20 years’ experience working with CERM PI and her industry knowledge is unmatched when it comes to both customer service quality and operational management.




Kristin Newnham

is a project officer for CERM PI, recently joining us from UNSW. Kristin is an experienced business analyst and leads our customer service quality surveys working closely with aquatic and recreation centres and botanic gardens in Australia.