Fair trade workplace accreditation

In 2016 UniSA Business School obtained Fair Trade workplace accreditation as part of our commitment to sustainability as well as upholding the core values of the University of South Australia.  

The Fair Trade movement is a socially innovative response to address wage injustice, maintain environmental standards in developing countries and provide fair access to markets for smaller communities.

Fair Trade promotes trade equality and justice. From producer through to consumer -- it is about ensuring the choices we make have a positive impact on our lives, the lives of others and the environment” (Fair Trade Website)

If you are wondering why Fair Trade?  We are choosing to support this movement because our purchasing decisions here have a big impact on producers.  We have an opportunity as well as responsibility to support ethical and sustainable industry. Perhaps this is even more relevant since we are seeking to foster and develop globally responsible citizens. Through Fair Trade we can improve lives of plantation and factory workers giving them better pay, safer working environments and better living conditions.

To support the movement we are making the small change in purchasing habits for office supplies making Fair Trade options the default such as coffee, tea, sugar for the staff room as well as using these products for meetings.