The UniSA Business School develops graduates for global professional careers in business and in law, and fosters sustainable business growth and economic development. We achieve this through high quality education and engaged research that is inspired by the contemporary challenges of our region: scarce resources, an aging population, and the transformation of industries.


The UniSA Business School aspires to be recognised as one of the best business schools nationally and globally, with a reputation for:

  • Graduates' readiness for professional careers in business and law, and globally responsible citizenship.
  • Productive partnerships with industry, government, and the community in the pursuit of sustainable business growth and economic development, social innovation and corporate social responsibility.
  • World-class research in business and law, creating knowledge with impact.
  • Innovative national and international partnerships with other premier business schools and universities.
  • Innovation, enterprise and growth, consistent with our mission.
  • High-performing, globally oriented staff.
  • Enduring, engaged relationships with our global alumni.


The UniSA Business School upholds the core values of UniSA:

  • Scholarship
  • Engagement
  • Social Justice
  • Sustainability
  • Innovation
  • Openness.


The Business School will pursue five action sets to address our challenges and create our future.

Action Set 1: Exemplary Teaching and Learning

UniSA has a strong history of excellent and innovative teaching, and for developing graduates for global professional careers in business and in law. The UniSA Business School has distinguished itself through our effective use of technology, emphasis on applied learning, and rapid internationalisation and growth over the last ten years. Operating in a volatile and uncertain context, our current challenge as an organisation is to leverage our traditional strengths and continue to deliver exceptional value to our business and law students and broader communities, both local and international. 

Action Set 2: World-Class Research and Research Training

The UniSA Business School has emerged as a research leader in Australasia in the areas of Marketing and Management, and is establishing a reputation for expertise in the broad area of Applied Economics. By investing in distinctive areas of disciplinary excellence, and by prioritising enquiry and engagement that advances scholarship relevant to the Asian and Southern Hemispheres, the UniSA Business School will maintain and improve its performance and positioning in an increasingly competitive global environment.

Action Set 3: Engaged External Relations

UniSA has one of the strongest records of engaged research in Asia-Pacific, and graduate career outcomes that place it in the highest tier for graduate success and satisfaction. UniSA is Australia’s University of Enterprise, and is considered one of the most progressive and innovative university partners in the region. This is a strong foundation for the UniSA Business School to build upon as we strengthen existing partnerships, bridge to new partnerships, strengthen our positioning and profile, and promote our brand.

Action Set 4: High Performance People and Culture

High performance cultures are enabled by systems that reduce hierarchy, and that guide teamwork, innovation and performance toward clear goals and objectives. High performance organisations recruit, reward and retain staff members based on technical capability and cultural fit. 

Action Set 5: Resourced for Excellence

UniSA has a long-standing reputation for sound financial management, and for investing in inspiring urban planning and campus development based on sustainable principles. The UniSA Business School is primarily located on the City West campus, which is located in the most dynamic development site in South Australia, and is part of the largest infrastructure development precinct in Australasia. Our goal is to work with the University and our communities to optimise our current financial and infrastructure resources, and to strengthen our longer term capacity to excel.