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The Financial Capability of Older People

Commissioned by Financial Literacy Australia, The Financial Capability of Older People report outlines findings from key research into two financial capability contexts.

Authored by UniSA's Dr Braam Lowies, Professor Christine Helliar, Professor Kurt Lushington and Dr Rob Whait the report examines how older people manage their home-care packages and the challenges older people face when it comes to choosing banking and financial products and services.

The report found older people reported many positives about aged care packages, and banking and financial service industries. Despite this, they also identified a number of shortcomings which if addressed, offer benefits to people of all ages, care service providers, the financial services industry and communities at large.

The research is closely related to UniSA's research theme of 'An Age Friendly World' which aims to shed light on how individuals at every stage in life can achieve their potential. This research theme aims to empower all members of the community: a community that values individuals at all ages and helps identify and meet their needs.

You can also download the full report (10.4mb).