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Is neuroscience the key to success?

WRITERS: Magda Nenycz-Thiel, Rachel Kennedy, Steve Bellman and Annabel Mansfield
ILLUSTRATOR: Travis Price/The Jacky Winter Group

Issue 8

Associate Professor Magda Nenycz-Thiel, Associate Professor Rachel Kennedy, and Professor Steve Bellman are all researchers with the internationally renowned Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science within the UniSA Business School

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YouTube Screenshots (in order of use):
The man your man could smell like | Old Spice
Betty White Snickers commercial | Mars Inc
Thomas Myzia; Dove Evolution | Dove
Hilltop, remastered | The Coca-Cola Co
Pick them back up | P&G

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"A very big Thank You to you and your team in the Mars Marketing Lab for the amazing work you’ve just completed with MediaScience Labs. This is a seminal piece of work, which will step-change Mars Inc.’s understanding of this promising area."

Laurent Larguinat, Sr. Director, Mars Consumer & Market Insights