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The School of Marketing forms part of the UniSA Business School and has long been one of Australia’s leading centres for marketing education and research.

We offer a broad range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs with a focus on providing leading edge marketing knowledge and real industry experience. Our programs focus on providing practical knowledge and experiences that prepare students for a wide range of careers. Employers value the practical skills that our students develop, such as the ability to understand markets, develop strategies and grow revenue.

We are also home to the internationally renowned Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science.  


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Special study options

Specialising in Marketing at the UniSA Business School will open up a broad range of special study options and advanced learning opportunities.


Scholarships, prizes and awards

Learn more about our prestigious Ehrenberg Scholarship and Wolf Blass Foundation Scholarship.


Academic staff

Professor Larry Lockshin Head of School: Marketing
Professor Byron Sharp Professor of Marketing Science
Professor Johan Bruwer Research Professor
Professor Steve Bellman  MediaScience Research Professor
Professor Bruce McColl  Industry Professor
Professor Jenni Romaniuk Research Professor
Professor Rachel Kennedy Research Professor
Professor Magda Nenycz-Thiel Industry Growth Professor
Professor David Corkindale Emeritus Professor
Professor John Dawes Professor in Marketing
Associate Professor Richard Lee Associate Professor in Marketing
Associate Professor Anne Sharp Associate Professor in Marketing
Associate Professor Armando Corsi Associate Professor in Marketing
Associate Professor Svetlana Bogomolova Associate Professor in Marketing
Mrs Vivien Chanana Teaching Innovation and Quality Leader
Dr Steven Dunn Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Justin Cohen Senior Research Fellow
Dr Zac Anesbury Research Fellow
Dr Bill Page Research Fellow
Dr Nicole Hartnett Research Fellow
Dr Arry Tanusondjaja  Research Fellow
Dr Cathy Nguyen Tsoutouras  Research Fellow
Dr Carl Driesener  Senior Lecturer
Dr Margaret Faulkner Senior Lecturer
Dr Giang Trinh Senior Lecturer
Dr Virginia Beal Senior Lecturer
Mr Neil Brown Lecturer
Ms Monica Orlovic Lecturer
Ms Quin Tran Lecturer
Dr Song Yang Lecturer
Ms Amanda Staples Lecturer

Adjunct staff

Professor Gerald Goodhardt Adjunct Professor
Professor Malcolm Wright Adjunct Professor
Professor Philip Stern Adjunct Professor
Professor Robert East Adjunct Professor
Professor Jordan Louviere Adjunct Professor
Professor Scott Armstrong Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
Professor Ulrich Orth Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
Professor Simone Mueller-Loose Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
 Professor Emma MacDonald Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
Associate Professor Polymeros Chrysochou Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
Associate Professor Eli Cohen Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
Dr Dag Bennett Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
Dr Charles Graham Adjunct Research Fellow
Dr Hervé Remaud Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
Dr Herb Sorensen Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
Dr Luke Greenacre Adjunct Research Fellow
Dr John Williams Adjunct Research Fellow

Research students

Mr Will Caruso Research Degree Student
Miss Ava Huang Research Degree Student
Miss Sahar Faghidno Research Degree Student
Mr Chris Miari Research Degree Student
Miss Peilin Phua Research Degree Student
Mr Callum Davies Research Degree Student
Mr Aaron Michelon Research Degree Student
Miss Tayla Jeffery Research Degree Student
Miss Kelly Vaughan Research Degree Student
Miss Kirsten Victory Research Degree Student
Miss Ella Ward Research Degree Student
Mr James Martin Research Degree Student

Professional staff

School of Marketing

Ms Dawn LeCornu School Manager
Ms Jenny Cameron Team Leader: Academic Services
Miss Erin Kuppen Academic Services Officer
Ms Janelle Taylor Project Officer
Mr Paul Tong Administrator and Resources Officer
Ms Joy Wang Finance Officer

Ehrenberg-Bass Institute

Ms Elke Seretis Deputy Director (Commercial)
Ms Toni Gallos Coordinator Corporate Sponsorship
Mrs Mandy Corrie Corporate Sponsor Officer
Mrs Mel Searle Corporate Sponsor Officer
Ms Rene Peters Corporate Sponsor Officer
Mrs Chrissy Tattersall Corporate Sponsor Officer
Ms Elizabeth Gunner Senior Marketing Officer
Ms Kirsty Willis Market Research Manager
Dr Nick Danenberg Special Project Manager
Mr Klaus Kilov Project Officer
Ms Merrri Cranswick Marketing Officer
Ms Maureen McEvedy Marketing Assistant
Mr Jeremy Mooy Information Technologist
Miss Alyssa McKellar Commercial Officer
Ms Meg Mignone Institute Administrator