2019 Seminars

DateVisitor NameHome InstitutionSeminar
Feb 22 Assoc Prof George Shan University of Western Australia Board Risk Committees and Risk Factor Disclosure Tone
May 9 Professor Talis Putnins University of Technology Sydney Stock markets serving as casinos: International evidence on the drivers and effects of gambling in stock markets
June 26 Emmanuel Abakah The University of Adelaide CEO Connectedness and Commonality in Liquidity
August 23 Professor Ngo Van Long  The University of McGill, Canada  

2018 Seminars

DateVisitor NameHome InstitutionSeminar
Mar 21 Assoc Prof Deniz Gevrek Texas A&M University Corpus Christi Impact of Early-Life Conditions on Adult Outcomes: First-Generation American Immgrants
May 23 Dr George Kurdna University of New South Wales Sustainable and Equitable Pensions with Means Testing
May 31 Professor Talis Putnins University of Technology Sydney What Moves Stock Prices? The Role of News Noise, and Information
Jun 15 Professor Chris Leishman  University of Adelaide  Drivers of Spatial Change in Urban Housing Submarkets 
Jul 11 Professor Miles Livingston University of Florida  The Decline in Idiosyncratic Values of US Treasury Securities
Jul 20 Dr George Shan University of Western Australia Signaling Through Corporate Philanthropy: An Investigation of Excess Donations

2017 Seminars

DateVisitor NameHome InstitutionSeminar
Mar 24 Dr Andrew Cavanagh Department of Management, Monash University How Do Subsidiaries Assume Autonomy? A Refined Application Of Agency Theory Within The Subsidiary-Headquarters Context
Mar 31 Assoc Prof Magnus Soderberg Associate Professor of Business, University of Gothenburg Does electoral competition reduce monopoly prices?
Apr 7 Mr Andrew Klapka CEO, Trans Chem How to Deliver Reliable Innovation Outcomes in Small to Medium sized Business
May 3 Dr Chandrasekhar Krishnamurti University of Southern Queensland Policy Uncertainty and Marketing Liquidity
May 19 Dr Huu Duong Monash University Asymmetric Illiquidity and Corporate Bond Yield Spreads
May 26 Prof Talis Putnins University of Technology Sydney High frequency trading and co-movement in financial markets
Jun 27 Assoc Prof George Shan University of Western Australia Other Comprehensive Income Disclosures, Earnings Management, Corporate Governance
and Firm Performance in China.
Jun 30 Prof Gary Biddle Deakin University Conference: Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics Mid Year Symposium
Jul 12 Prof Kevin Davis Australian Centre for Financial Studies ACFS Academic Research Grant Program 2017
Jul 14 Assoc Prof Chyi Lin Lee Western Sydney University The Long-run Volatility of Australian Housing Prices and Market Fundamentals
Jul 18  Prof Gabriele Suder Melbourne Business School Internationalisation Knowledge – Next steps in a growing field
Jul 18 SIBER Workshop Series University of South Australia Pedagogy and Resources for Teaching International Business, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship
Jul 19 Prof Andrew Lepore Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre (CMCRC) CMCRC PhD Program
Jul 19 Prof Gabriele Suder Melbourne Business School Presentation and Communications Skills for HDR
Jul 20 SIBER Workshop Series University of South Australia Developing your PhD Research Project
Jul 21 SIBER Workshop Series University of South Australia Meet the editors Workshop - panel members: K.Zhou, T.Cavasgil, P.Ghauri, L.Liu, S.Freeman
Jul 24 SIBER Workshop Series University of South Australia How to Build Relationships with Chinese Business Partners (agents, distributors, representat's)
Jul 28 Economics Discussion University of South Australia A Discussion with with Prof Tamer Cavusgil and Prof Pervez Ghauri
Jul 28 SIBER Workshop Series University of South Australia Developing your Academic Career
Aug 18 SIBER & ACAB Joint Seminar University of South Australia Intergenerational Succession and the Internationalisation of Family SMEs: Evidence from China
Sep 14 Associate Professor Mike W.L Cheung National University of Singapore Building the holistic understanding with multiple correlations: Meta-analytic Structural Equation Modelling?
Sep 18 SIBER & ACAB Joint Seminar University of South Australia

Experienced Managers in International Business Operations: Lessons to be learned-avoiding the pit holes



Oct 19 HDR Students Symposium University of South Australia Higher Degree Economics Student Research in International Development, Health and Environment
Oct 25 Associate Professor Bilgehan Karabay RMIT  Vertical Fragmentation and International Sourcing
Nov 10 Professor Eckhard Platen University of Technology  Preparing Financial Regulation for Forthcoming Crises
Dec 4 Professor Robert J.Elliott University of South Australia  Heston-Type Stochastic Volatility With A Markov Switching Regime

2016 Seminars

Visitor NameHome InstitutionSeminar
Prof Frank Staehler University of Tuebingen The Economics of Investor Protection: ISDS versus National Treatment
Prof Paul Sharp University of Southern Denmark A Land ‘of Milk and Butter’: The Long Run Determinants of the Rise of Cooperative Dairying in Denmark1
Dr Onur Koska Middle East Technical University Foreign Direct Investment as a Signal
Prof Michael Goldstein Babson College Dealer Behaviour in Highly Illiquid Risky Assets
Prof Alireza Tourani-Rad Auckland University of Technology Institutional Trading and Asset Pricing
Assoc Prof Andriy Shkilko Lazaridis Business School Every cloud has a silver lining: Fast trading, microwave connectivity and trading costs
Prof Steve Satchell University of Sydney What Proportion of Time is a particular Market inefficient? Analysing market efficiency when equity prices follow Threshold Autoregressions.
Prof Alon Brav The Fuqua School of Business How Does Hedge Fund Activism Reshape Corporate Innovation?
Prof Robert Webb University of Virginia Crowded Trade Risk and Trader Induced Volatility
Prof Matthias Muck University of Bamberg The Benefit of Life Insurance Contracts with Capped Index Participation when Stock prices are Subject to Jump Risk
Prof David Yermack NYU Stern School of Business, New York University Corporate Governance and Blockchains
Prof David Allen Adjunct Professor, UniSA Volatility Spillovers from Australia's major trading partners across the GFC
Prof Ghon Rhee University of Hawaii Shidler College of Business Residual Momentum in Japan
Prof Kris Inwood University of Guelph The long arm of colonialism: the decline and rise of Māori stature