The Centre for Sustainability Governance proudly collaborates with academics, industry and institutions at the local, national and international level:

Central Queensland University AUSTRALIA
Charles Sturt University AUSTRALIA
Department of Primary Industries - Victoria AUSTRALIA
Deutsche Bank AUSTRALIA
Flinders University AUSTRALIA
La Trobe University AUSTRALIA
Monash University AUSTRALIA
Murray-Darling Freshwater Research Centre AUSTRALIA
Southern Cross University AUSTRALIA
University of Western Australia AUSTRALIA
Australian National University AUSTRALIA
Griffith University AUSTRALIA
University of New England AUSTRALIA
University of New South Wales AUSTRALIA
University of Queensland AUSTRALIA
CSIRO Australia (Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organisation) AUSTRALIA
Curtin University of Technology AUSTRALIA
University of Adelaide AUSTRALIA
University of Melbourne AUSTRALIA
Parks and Wildlife Commission of The Northern Territory AUSTRALIA
Victoria University AUSTRALIA
Curtin University of Technology AUSTRALIA
Deakin University AUSTRALIA
University of Toronto CANADA
Lakehead University CANADA
University of Calgary CANADA
University of Lethbridge CANADA
Beijing Technology and Business University CHINA
Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg GERMANY
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad INDIA
Politecnico di Milano ITALY
University of Brescia ITALY
Iwate University JAPAN
Bank of Mauritius MAURITIUS
Lincoln University NEW ZEALAND
Auckland University of Technology NEW ZEALAND
University of Gothenburg SWEDEN
Stockholm University SWEDEN
Eawag, Swiss Federal Institute for Acquatic Science & Technology SWITZERLAND
Uganda Martyrs University UGANDA
American University of Sharjah UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
University of Manchester UNITED KINGDOM
University of Nottingham UNITED KINGDOM
Cardiff University UNITED KINGDOM
Robert Gordon University UNITED KINGDOM
University of Birmingham UNITED KINGDOM
University of Buckingham UNITED KINGDOM
University of Dundee UNITED KINGDOM
University of Southampton UNITED KINGDOM
University of Strathclyde UNITED KINGDOM
Barclays Capital UNITED STATES
Gillespie Economics UNITED STATES
University of Tennessee UNITED STATES
University of California UNITED STATES
State University of New York UNITED STATES
University of Evansville UNITED STATES