Water Governance and Policy

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NameKey Research Areas
Professor Henning Bjornlund Irrigation Policy and Management, Sub-Saharan Africa, Socio-Economic Assessment
Dr Bethany Cooper Water Policy, Environmental Economics, Non-Market Valuation
Professor Lin Crase Water Policy, Resource Economics, Public Policy 
Dr John Pisaniello Sustainable Engineering, Accounting, Law, Water Resources Management and Policy, Dam Safety Assurance and Disaster Risk Management
Professor Martin Shanahan Economic History, Business History, Law
Dr Joanne Tingey-Holyoak Farmer Water Decision Making and Risk, Integrated Water Accounting Tools, Rural Water Policy and Gender
Dr Rob Whait Taxation Law, Policy and Compliance, Taxation History, Sustainability Finance
Professor Jeff Connor Water Economics, Agricultural Economics, Climate and Carbon Economics

Sustainability Accounting and Reporting

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NameKey Research Areas
Dr Amanda Carter  
Dr Katherine Christ Environmental Management Accounting, Modern Slavery, Water Accounting
Associate Professor Glen Lehman  
Professor Sumit Lodhia Sustainability Accounting and Reporting, Environmental and Social Governance, Climate Change
Dr Sanjaya Kuruppu Non-Governmental Organisations, Accountability, Sustainability
Dr Will Mackay Remuneration Reporting, Corporate Governance, Mining Sector
Dr Wei Qian Environmental Management Accounting, Environmental Reporting, Corporate Social Responsibility
Dr Mia Rahim (School of Law) Corporate Governance, Business Ethics, Global Supply Chain Regulation
Dr Elvia Shauki Sustainability Reporting, Integrated Reporting, Corporate and Social Responsibility Reporting, Environmental Management Accounting for Social and Environmental Issues
Dr Gerard Stone Sustainability Accounting and Reporting, Accounting Education, Social Media Communications of Accounting Information
Professor Carol Tilt Social and Environmental Reporting, Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility
Dr Basil Tucker Management Control, Research-Practice Gap, Social Networks
Ms Kathy Rao Modern Slavery, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance and Gender Diversity
Dr Amanpreet Kaur Sustainability Accountability and Reporting, Stakeholder Engagement, Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable Finance

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NameKey Research Areas
Associate Professor Vikash Ramiah Behavioural Finance, Enviromental Finance, Financial Markets
Mr Peter Rossini Mass Appraisal of Property, Housing the Aged, Real Estate in Regional Towns, Property Education


Mr Ronald McIver Sustainable Finance
Dr Lei Xu Sustainable Finance
Professor Christine Helliar Sustainable Finance
Dr Braam Lowies Sustainable Finance