A Sustainable Economy


Sustainability ethos. Scarce resources. Business perspectives.

Sustainability is central to modern business. No company, government department or NGO can ignore it, and most understand the importance of embedding a sustainability ethos as part of their operations. It is an increasingly complex concept, however, both for individual entities and for the wider economy, which must respond to changes in policy, regulation and attitude.

The Centre for Sustainability Governance looks at the practicalities of sustainability from a business perspective, bringing together economists, accountants and finance specialists from a range of backgrounds. Our work covers three broad themes.

Sustainability accounting and reporting has a particular focus on the evolution of integrated accounting and how organisations are using social media and digital communications.

Environmental finance embraces issues such as carbon pricing and the way stock markets react to change. Water governance and policy looks at how governments around the world can best allocate and re-allocate a vital but fugitive resource.

Professor Martin Shanahan

Enterprising Research: The history of Aboriginal stolen wages in South Australia


Our researchers
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Professor Andrew Beer

Professor Andrew Beer

Professor Andrew Beer is at the forefront of research into how Australia should shape its future, from housing markets and regional development to the impact of an ageing population. He believes there are no boundaries in the social, economic and behavioural sciences, and that business schools are made stronger and more relevant by the integration of new disciplines. 

Professor Carol Tilt

Professor Carol Tilt

As one of Australia’s leading experts on corporate social and environmental reporting, Professor Carol Tilt understands the inextricable link between environmental and social issues. Her research focuses on the emergence of integrated reporting and on how western cultures define, understand and respond to the development of corporate social responsibility in developing economies.

Associate Professor Sumit Lodhia

Professor Sumit Lodhia

Is a greater corporate focus on sustainability actually helping create a more sustainable society? Associate Professor Sumit Lodhia is leading research examining what informs and motivates decision-making, management and reporting around key environmental and social issues and whether this is evolving in a way that will make a difference to people’s lives.


Professor Nicola Pless

Professor Nicola Pless

Professor Nicola M. Pless is Professor of Management and holds the Chair of Positive Business at the University of South Australia. Professors Nicola Pless and Professor Thomas Maak have been shaping the global discussion on responsible leadership.   

Enterprising research

Integrated reporting

People in business have become familiar with the terms ‘triple bottom line’ and ‘sustainability reporting’, based on the notion that they need to be concerned with the monetary, social and environmental aspects of their business.

Managing Australia’s water

Access to clean water is arguably a human right. It is also critical to support modern agricultural, industrial and business practices.

Sustainable business: A holistic approach

Sustainable business represents a sea-change in the way we think and do business. Those who are the first-movers will be market leaders in the new global economy.

Conservation Conversation

Worldwide, zoos represent distinctive business challenges. They are expensive to run, easy to undervalue based purely on ‘bottom line’ terms, and have limited cost recovery options. Yet they remain essential for the conservation and sustainability of life.

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