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Emerging research. Informing industry. Interdisciplinary appeal.

What technologies and social changes will disrupt our traditional experience-based industries? From touring to cheering on our favourite team, to attending a festival or playing tennis.

The Centre for Tourism and Leisure Management’s mission is to conduct quality research to facilitate and inform management practices in the tourism and experience industries.

Our areas of expertise allow us to conduct specialist innovative research in tourism, hospitality and events, including:

  • Internationalisation of hospitality, and destination image and marketing.
  • Service quality and operational management in the events, sports, and leisure industries.
  • Tourism behaviour and the changing ways that consumers are engaging with leisure experiences.

Enterprising research

How competitive is Australia as a tourism destination?

How competitive is Australia as a tourism destination

Worldwide growth in tourism demand has resulted in unprecedented levels of competition among destinations as they try to capture their share of the tourism pie.

Multicultural festivals

Multicultural festivals - more than social impact?

Multicultural festivals have emerged in many contexts to celebrate culture, community and harmony. While the social role of multicultural festivals is generally well-recognised, associated benefits are easily overlooked.

The main event

The main event: An holistic approach

From the roar of the V8 Supercars, to the creativity and colour of the Festival of Arts, it is difficult to imagine life without events.

A creative turn

A creative turn for tourism

The tourism industry is larger and more accessible than ever before, with the effects of over-tourism being felt around the globe. But while the industry is often viewed in economic terms, discerning clients and communities are starting to demand more.

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