NameResearch interests
Dr Tessa Bailey Psychosocial factors at work
Dr Ashlea Bartram Health and wellbeing in the workplace
Dr Chia-yen (Chad) Chiu  Work teams, positive leadership traits (e.g. humility & productivity) and social networks
Professor Maureen Dollard (Co-Director) Psychosocial safety climate, psychosocial risks, mental health at work, social determinants, work health and safety
Dr Jill Gould Organisational gender diversity (especially at executive and board level), gender pay gap
Professor Carol Kulik              (Co-Director)  Workplace diversity, organisational justice, HRM practices
Professor Cheri Ostroff Organisational culture, climate and change, person-organisation fit, HRM systems, diversity
Dr Sanjee Perera                      (Co-Deputy Director) Emotion work, employee diversity, HRM practices in non conventional work settings
Dr Silvia Pignata Emloyee health and well-being, stress interventions, human factors and aviation psychology, psychosocial aspects of workplace health and safety
Dr Sukhbir Sandhu Social and environmental sustainability, diversity and sustainability
Dr Shruti Sardeshmukh People dynamics related to innovation, entrepreneurship and SMEs, inclusive entrepreneurship
Dr Ruchi Sinha Teams dynamics related to voice, conflict, emotions, leadership &power/status: negotiation effectiveness, personality, school climate
Dr Gerry Treuren Volunteering motivation, employee turnover and retention, job search, migrant and refugee employment, employee wellbeing
A.Prof Michelle Tuckey         (Co-Deputy Director) Workplace bullying, workplace mental health and well-being, occupational stress, mindfulness
Dr Yoshio Yanadori Compensation, gender pay gap, innovation, international management


NameResearch interests

Prof Deanne den Hartog 

University of Amsterdam

Leadership, teams, personality, well-being, HRM, culture and trust

Prof Ingrid Fulmer

Rutgers, School of Management and Labor Relations

Human resource management, organisational behaviour and business ethics

Prof Anthony McDonnell 

Cork University

International human resource management, employment relations, talent management

Prof Larry Williams 

University of Nebraska

Organizational and social science research methods and data analysis techniques

Professional staff

Ms Bernadette Burgert Centre Coordinator
Ms Sarah Jarvis  Project Officer (supporting Prof Carol Kulik)