Everyday negotiations at work


To identify the organisational contexts and strategies, which will enable women to negotiate successfully.

About the project

The pay gap between male and female employees endures in Australia just as strongly as some gender stereotypes. When women try to negotiate better wages, their efforts can produce a backlash. more...

Supported by a discovery grant from the Australian Research Council, our goal is to investigate how women can improve their economic situation without suffering social reprisals. In the first stage, our researchers have been interviewing female managers and supervisors about their day-to-day experiences with negotiation. Our analysis of these frank discussions should help employees decide when and where to negotiate, and enable managers to run their workplaces in a manner that sustains gender equality.

To find out more about this project, email Professor Carol Kulik or Professor Mara Olekalns.


Chief investigators: Professor Carol Kulik (School of Management) in collaboration with Professor Mara Olekalns (Melbourne Business School).

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