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Innovation. Global Networks. International Impact.

Enterprises innovate and grow, and in our region that often is the result of the fusion between new ideas and the opportunities to pursue global markets.

Through our Innovation Collaboration Centre and the Australian Centre for Business Growth, we have unparalleled expertise in innovation and business growth, coupled with global business expertise.

Asia is our region. With trade, education and immigration, our economy has become inextricably linked to Asia. It’s a complex relationship that is of tremendous international importance.

The Australian Centre for Asian Business draws from across the UniSA Business School to research business, management and trade issues that arise between the vastly different cultures. If you have worked in international trade, you will understand the legal, financial and cultural complexities that arise.

The King Sejong Institute (KSI) is a hub for Korean culture, business and language education in Adelaide – one of only nine in the world to be awarded and the only one in Australia. The Institute strengthens our research links and student exchange relationship with Korea, and highlights a local focus on the language and culture of what is one of the most innovative economies in the world today.

Our researchers
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Dr You-il Lee

Associate Professor Dr You-il Lee

Dr You-il Lee is Associate Professor of International Business at the University of South Australia (UniSA) Business School. In 2016, UniSA was awarded the right to host the King Sejong Institute Adelaide (KSI Adelaide) by the Korean Government (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism). You-il has been appointed as the inaugural director of the KSI Adelaide.


Dr Tony Cavoli

Associate Professor Dr Tony Cavoli

Dr Tony Cavoli keeps a watching brief on Asia’s evolving economies, monitoring and analysing the interplay between market forces and regulatory intervention, and the impact this has on economic growth and economic integration. His aim is to help policy makers develop approaches and interventions that will maximise their country’s specific economic objectives.


Professor Susan Freeman

Professor Susan Freeman

Global migration is changing the face of global business. Professor Susan Freeman is at the forefront of research seeking to understand the nature and extent of these changes and to show companies and governments how to leverage new entrepreneurial activity and networks so they can transform and future-proof key industries.


Associate Professor Allan O’Connor

Associate Professor Allan O’Connor

Associate Professor Allan O’Connor specialises in enterprise dynamics, and researches entrepreneurship and public policy for economic development. Professor O’Connor led the establishment of the Australian Cluster Observatory in 2014 and was instrumental in establishing South Australia's annual Entrepreneur Week program. 


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