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People are critical to the success of organisations. It is people who drive innovation, profit, growth, social responsibility and customer satisfaction. The Centre for Workplace Excellence at the UniSA Business School conducts cutting-edge research to identify innovative and effective strategies for managing and supporting people in the workplace. Our researchers work closely with business, government, and professional management associations to determine effective and practical approaches to contemporary people management issues.

Organisational success is not achieved through hiring a great workforce alone, but through the practices and systems adopted to manage people. Organisations that effectively select, develop, motivate, deploy and manage people produce better results. Effectively managing people creates value by paying attention to employees’ wellbeing and achievements. Our multi-disciplinary research leads to the creation of better institutions, cultures and practices of work and life. It investigates how people and organisations can perform at their best in complex and increasingly competitive environments on a global scale.

Enterprising research

Leaders leading change

Leaders leading change

Organisational change is today’s new norm, yet 70% of change initiatives fail over time. If businesses are open to innovation and willing to change, why doesn’t this translate into success?

Leadership gender diversity

Leadership gender diversity - Don't blame the pipeline, grow it.

Organisations with more gender diversity in leadership positions achieve better financial performance. Yet women remain dramatically underrepresented in senior roles. Find out how to change the status quo of leadership gender diversity in your business.

Hands up

Hands up: Who's for volunteering?

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, at least one Australian in every three has volunteered in the last year. Chances are that either you, someone in your family, or your neighbour is a volunteer.

Success from succession

Family business: Success from succession

Sustaining family businesses across generations is a challenge. Discover how innovation and reinvigoration can help family businesses thrive.

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