Transformation of Professional Services


Where change is a constant, transformation is a must.

A vibrant and ever-changing sector that cuts across and underpins many industries, professional services are an important driver of economic growth. Professional services are Australia’s second largest export earner, and the largest single source of employment.

Professional services are a growing contributor to the Australian economy, a major employer and a central player that feeds critical inputs into other economic sectors.

The environment in which professional service firms operate continues to change and transform rapidly. Our research helps firms anticipate change, and prepare for the future.

Our researchers are at the forefront of this change, often leading and shaping it. Our research has examined the dynamics and implications of block chain technology, the rise and trajectory of crypto currencies and new technologies that power social and environmental aspirations, as well as the ways that fields as diverse as accounting, human resources, property and logistics are being transformed.

The UniSA Business School draws on experts from finance, accounting, human resources, tourism, law and marketing to deliver research which informs professions, provides best practice and is underpinned by world-class knowledge.

Our researchers
in action

Professor Jeff Connor

Professor David Parker

Professor David Parker is an internationally recognised property research scholar and author. He is currently an Acting Commissioner of the New South Wales Land and Environment Court, specialising in the resolution of property valuation and compensation matters.


Professor Christine Helliar

Professor Christine Helliar

Professor Christine Helliar is a Professor of Accounting and Finance, with a research portfolio that highlights the changing nature of both professions. Christine’s research focuses on financial reporting, accounting education, ethics and governance, finance and risk management, auditing and management control. She has extensive industry experience, with a wide background in accounting, finance and capital markets, having worked for Ernst and Young, Morgan Stanley, Hong Kong Bank and Citigroup.


Professor Mia Rahim

Professor Mia Rahim

Laws can make companies accountable but not necessarily responsible. Dr Mia Rahim is investigating whether an alternative approach would encourage and support the development of a socially responsible corporate culture for the simple reason that it makes good business sense.


Enterprising research

Peter Stevens

Creative Leadership

Take a moment to appreciate that someone created the company you work for. Its survival is testament to a leadership that cast its vision outward, shifted its thinking, revised its processes and, potentially, re-invented itself.

Monopoly Rules

Inside the Blockchain

The technology behind bitcoin is the government’s latest initiative to reduce costs and provide more accountability to the public. A distributed ledger system, it’s held simultaneously across multiple computers to enable a single source of data to be shared across different businesses.

Innovation Generation

Innovation Generation

Innovation is a buzzword so favoured by organisations and governments that it’s almost become a cliché for a good idea. But true innovation is a lot more than simply a good idea. It has a lead driver, broad application and above all, innovation makes a difference.

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