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School of Law

The School of Law was established in 2007 and forms an integral part of the University of South Australia landscape. It provides leading-edge legal education to suit the diverse needs of today’s law students. 

Our Bachelor of Laws degrees are accredited by the Legal Practitioners’ Education and Admissions Council (LPEAC), and enjoy the highest professional employment rate in the State. In our short history we have become well known among the profession for our contemporary approach to teaching and learning. The curriculum has been designed to equip students with legal knowledge combined with practical skills that prepare them for a range of careers in both the legal and legally-related business and justice sectors. 

Our full-time faculty of experienced legal practitioners and scholars and an extensive network of adjunct staff, support an active research culture and provide expertise across a range of sub-discipline areas including commercial law, public law, environmental law, regulatory policy, criminology and social justice.



Excellence in legal research

We focus on four core areas of research; Corporate and Commercial Law; Environmental and Natural Resources Law; Criminal Law and Sentencing, and; Public Law and Human Rights.


Free legal advice at our student-run clinic

Our students are given the opportunity to give confidential, free legal advice to members of the community on issues such as accidents, disputes and debt at our Legal Advice Clinic.


Law School Events

Join us for our one of our events, including our regular Law Evenings research seminars or our annual Competition Law and Economics Workshop.


Academic staff

Professor Rick Sarre Dean and Head of School of Law
Professor Roman Tomasic

Professor of Law

Research Education Portfolio Leader


Professor Vicki Waye Professor of Law
Professor Eileen Webb Professor of Law
Professor Irene Watson Research Professor of Law
Professor Jennifer McKay Professor of Business Law
Associate Professor Julia Davis Associate Professor of Law
Associate Professor Ben Livings

Associate Professor of Criminal Law

    and Evidence

Program Director-Criminal Justice 

Dr Michelle Fernando Senior Lecturer
Ms Jane Knowler

Senior Lecturer

Program Director

Dr Joe McIntyre Senior Lecturer
Dr Ping Xiong Senior Lecturer
Mr Matthew Atkinson Lecturer/Managing Solicitor
Ms Tracey Coleman Lecturer
Ms Betty Kontoleon Lecturer/Solicitor
Ms Juliette McIntyre Lecturer
Ms Sue Milne Lecturer
Dr Sarah Moulds Lecturer
Ms Lisa Parker Lecturer
Ms Krystyna Sawon Lecturer

 Adjunct staff

Professor Rob Fowler Adjunct Professor
Professor Wendy Lacey Adjunct Professor
The Hon Dr Robyn Layton AO QC Adjunct Professor
Professor Ian Leader-Elliot Adjunct Professor
Professor Ryszard Piotrowicz Adjunct Professor
Professor Ivan Shearer AM RFD Adjunct Professor
Associate Professor Karen Bubna-Litic Adjunct Associate Professor 
Associate Professor Peter MacFarlane Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr David Arnold Adjunct Research Fellow
Mr Anthony Allen Adjunct Lecturer

Research students

Bronwyn Arnold PhD Research Student
Marcelle Burns PhD Research Student
Danielle Fopp PhD Research Student
Paul Leadbeter PhD Research Student
Jim McMillan PhD Research Student
Katherine McLachlan PhD Research Student
Sue Milne PhD Research Student
Lisa Parker PhD Research Student
Kelly Ryan PhD Research Student
Teresa Somes PhD Research Student
Leanne Stewart PhD Research Student
Antony Taubman PhD Research Student
John Watson PhD Research Student
Anja Kantic Masters Student
Paraskevi Kontoleon Masters Student

Professional staff

Ms Jennie Connor School Manager
Ms Carol Brewitt Team Leader: Academic Services
Mrs Maggie Ball Project Support and Administration Officer
Ms Kelly Ladyman Academic Services Officer
Ms Katrina Miller Academic Services Officer
Ms Debra Morriss Academic Services Officer: Legal Advice Clinic
Ms Jessica Ralph Administrative Assistant