Seminar 2: 24 Oct 2019

Accommodation agreements between older people and their families: A legal and emotional minefield

Presented by Professor Eileen Webb with commentary from Professor Wendy Lacey

With housing affordability declining and an ageing population, family arrangements involving shared property and/or pooled resources are commonplace and will become more so. The ubiquitous ‘granny-flat’ is but one of many examples of such an arrangement.

Prof Eileen Webb

This is not to be discouraged; the benefits of multi-generational living arrangements are many and include the provision of companionship, mutual support, and financial and housing security. Furthermore, budgetary constraints in the aged care and health sectors mean the provision of accommodation and care for older people in a family environment is an attractive option for both society and government. The problem is that, when such arrangements break down, there is a lack of legal recourse for the older person that can see an older person left without funds, accommodation and care.

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